Rockhill Pet Clinic

800 East 63rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64110

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Modern and knowledgeable facility and team

    by: shanvw

    My cats have been frequent patients of this clinic.\r\nDental care/extractions, lymphoma, CRF, ringworm,\r\nhyperthyroidism, among other feline problems, have\r\nbeen handled thoroughly and with much knowledge.\r\nThis clinic does not skimp on safety. It has a lot\r\nof diagnostic and monitoring equipment that many\r\nclinics do not have, and I feel my cats are in good\r\nhands because of that. The clinic owner, Dr. Stewart,\r\nis compassionate, knowledgeable, and respects me\r\nas a client. The staff is friendly, helpful, and efficient.\r\nThis is not an "average" clinic; I have a cat with \r\nserious illness and they've given her a healthy life.


    Up-to-date equipment, good hours, nice people, many services


    Well, okay, not the cheapest place in town