Rockbridge spca

P.o. box 528
Lexington, VA
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Rockbridge earns high marks

    by: BitBucketBob

    Really, the only unfavorable thing I can say about this facility is their parking area. They work so hard to get dogs out into rescue; at times I know dogs have been held for up to a year waiting for rescue. I don't like the fact that the kennel runs are all indoor-only, but with adequate volunteers to spend time walking dogs, this may work just fine for them. They save as many dogs and cats as they can. I also enjoy watching the cats in the outdoor cage.


    Excellent drop-off area for furtive folks


    Parking area is too small

  • 2. got one of my cats there

    by: Pax1971

    I got a very nice cat from this shelter when I lived in the area. Of course that was many years ago now, but it was a very nice shelter back in the 90s and I assume it still is.


    I got one of my cats there


    none that I know of

  • 3. Outstanding staff and unique outside cat areas

    by: BShack

    This was the first shelter outside our county pound that I visited following my introduction to dog rescue. We met at the parking lot of this facility, so were able to observe the interaction between staff and animals, and the obvious attachment that grew when volunteers worked closely with the animals daily.\r\n\r\nI would like to copy the outside enclosed cat play area on a smaller scale at my own home. The cats did not appear stressed or ill at any point, and I am sure that is due to the chance they had to play.


    Newly renovated, clean, and neat


    Kennel runs are entirely enclosed.