Rockaway townsquare mall

301 mount hope ave # 1900
Rockaway, NJ 07806

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Very good grooming service

    by: amfeldman67

    I've had my GSD, Maltese and Lab mix all groomed here. They do a good job as far as grooming and they were very good my my senior GSD. The downside is the pick-up process. You have to go to the salon in the farthest corner of the store to get a bill, then take that bill to the register at the very front of the store to pay. Then they give you a receipt which you then take back to the salon to show you paid. I felt like I was an employee instead of a customer! Plus they ALWAYS run behind which means the dogs sit in crates longer than I want.


    Long business hours including Sundays! Reasonably priced


    The dogs are never ready when I go to pick them up, inconvenient check-out