Riverton city animal control

P.o. box 429
Riverton, UT 84065
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  • 1. Caring and hardworking ACO's

    by: BarbiNCrew

    I highly respect the Riverton City Animal Shelter and its Animal Control Officer's - mainly Amara. I know that they are severely understaffed and underfunded, but the staff and volunteers work very hard to safely keep strays off of the streets, diligently look for their owners, and then reach out to Rescue groups from all over so that they don't have to euthanize everything that walks in their door. Their shelter is small, so for the low euthanasia rate they have that is proof of just how hard the staff works on getting those strays reunited with their owners or rescued out to groups. Working at a City animal shelter is so hard, especially emotionally, so my hat goes off to this small group - keep up the great work guys! :)


    Caring, hardworking staff, knowledgable


    small, understaffed