Riverside animal shelter

5950 wilderness avenue
Riverside, CA 92504

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. A nice shelter

    by: Stacy422

    I have adopted three different dogs from this shelter over the past 20 years. The staff is friendly, and the animals are as well cared for as could be expected (considering they are in a shelter). Along with adopting from this shelter, I visit often just to say hello to the dogs and cats.


    friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean


    none that I have seen

  • 2. Adoption

    by: bunnyspills

    This shelter is for the most part as clean as it can be kept with as many animals as they have to care for. My grandmother's dog ran away twice in the last 2 months and they were able to pick her up and keep her fed and gave her water my grandmother was sooooo thankful. Jeanie means a lot to her and I don't know what would have happened to my grandmother's spirits had she lost her dog. So thank you to all who cared for her!


    Takes good care of their animals


    Too many animals

  • 3. Riverside Shelter

    by: califdrm5

    overall it is a nice shelter. I would like to see them get more help and I would love to voluntweer at some time in the future.


    not as clean as I would have liked.but cleaner than some


    staff needs to know more about the animals

  • 4. MY Quincy's old home

    by: rburdo

    II adopted my Quincy from this shelter. I cannot say enough about the staff. Paid and volunteers both. I think they are understaffed and over populated but, they do what they can for all the animals in the shelter. Cages were crowded but clean. The staff member that helped me knew all the animals so well. I was very impressed. Showed me a couple of dogs and then she saved the best for last. She was so happy he found a great home after a rough start. Quincy is healthy and happy and was that way when he came to me. \r\n\r\nSo 3 cheers for the staff at the Riverside County Animal SHelter. You are the unsung heroes!


    Staff really cared about the animals


    Too many animals in cages