River Heights Veterinary Clinic

5580 Us Highway 34
Oswego, IL 60543

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. My dog is happy here and I am too

    by: Yukismamma

    I brought my dog here after frustrations with our former reatail chain vet. I was impressed from the moment I got lost and they halped me over the phone to find them to when we walked out the door at the end. The staff was friendly and I didn't have to dumb down my dogs name for them. If they had a question about pronounciation they asked politely. I inquired about the boarding rates and they were beyond reasonable. The doctor was open to discussion and answered my questions patiently. I pointed out this funny little thing my dog does when he sits with his back paw (I call it the tea time paw since he sticks it out like someone does their pinky when drinking tea). She looked at his leg and patella and noted that he has a luxating patella (something his other vet never bothered to check for even though he is in the breed that is known for it). I was also impressed that my binder o dog info did not phase them one bit.


    great staff great doctors