River cats

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Smith river, CA 95567

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  • 1. I cannot rate what I do not know

    by: ShatteredHeart

    Three of the animals listed here did not belong to Jametha. At least one of the animals had been dead for some time. The one animal belonging to Jametha, a cat named Flora, she was forced to leave behind when she left Oregon for Arizona. In Arizona she was brutally assaulted and traumatized. She had the person who assaulted her arrested. He had threatened to find and murder her. She'd left Flora in the "care" of a "friend" -- Paula Smith -- who took hundreds of dollars from Jametha, as well as favors which others might pay for. Jametha, naive being that she was and is, TRUSTED Paula to care for Flora. Jametha found a small town in NW AZ where she could stay, but Jametha has atonic seizures and was injured in a fall. She was badly cut on her right leg. For a month, she believed the cut to be healing. It was not. She had a gram-negative infection which was deep in the leg. She spent 9 days in hospital. She nearly lost her right leg below the knee. The infection was pervasive and took five months before she was fully recovered. During that time, she was unable to drive and unable to travel. When she felt she could make the trip, she contacted Paula Smith who told her a series of outrageous lies and informed her she'd "given Flora to the Humane Society in Brookings." Jametha endured a lot of emotional suffering and financial hardship in Oregon, just to keep Flora. She was desperate enough to believe that someone like Paula Smith might actually be a friend to her. Paula Smith is greedy and is not a person worthy of trusting. Jametha Smith hopes her cat Flora is not dead and was adopted by kind people, because she thinks of her often and loved her dearly.


    It is a PAINFUL mystery