River bend humane society

23402 crystal lake road
Jerseyville, IL 62052

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Very good

    by: ilovelucy72

    This sheter and the volunteers are awesome. I have went their a few times and the people have been nothing but nice. The animals seemed taken care of and loved.


    Nice people, takes good care of pets


    not enough funds

  • 2. Not Very Helpful

    by: Justme1111

    I went in looking for a puppy, and fond the perfect one. They tried to talk me out of getting her, them lost my application. This is a no kill shelter that is over crowded. They have room for expantion but say they don't have the money to do it. So with as many animals as they have they should be more helpful when somone comes in wanting to adopt an animal, and not try to talk them out of it. I own my home and plan to keep the puppy in the house so I didn't understand the hesitation.


    They have a clean shelter.


    Over crowded, lost my application, and tryed to talk me out of getting the puppy I wanted.

  • 3. Needs work

    by: tiggerbear92

    I think this shelter is trying to do the best they can with what they have to work with. However, taking in purebred dogs and breeding them and selling the puppies is not helping. Also, they need better record keeping, instead of saying I think it has had this shot or this wormer. Need to be more accurate in this department. You cannot run a shelter and keep out of the red with alot of salaried employees. I personally know a shelter that has all volunteers and it has never been in the red, and it provides the most accurate records and does whatever medical treatment is needed.


    I think they are trying to help


    Too many salaried employees.

  • 4. Terrific services!

    by: alisa

    It is wonderful to see a no kill shelter in the Jersey county area! Its a very admirable service that they are providing.





  • 5. Great

    by: amber2007

    I had a dog awhile back and i couldn't find any where to take him there are just so many dogs with such little place. Of course it's not the shelters fault they should get a pay raise for the government so they can help more animals. But i think it is great that we are off to a start here in jerseyville.


    Animal shelter in my area


    kind of small

  • 6. Hoping for improvements

    by: lambrhondal

    I know the pain that volunteers go through when there is such a high kill. Our shelter has experienced for over 25 years a kill ratio of about 97% or 5,000 animals per year. As a non profit, we too are trying to do what this shelter is doing - decrease the numbers of deaths and an aggressive spay, neuter program. I hope you can succed .


    Trying to improve


    High kill ration

  • 7. Excellent shelter!

    by: giddyup

    This is a terrific place that we have needed in our area for a very long time! The animals are handled daily, given lots of attention, and even some training. The place is spotless and the staff truely loves each and every critter they have. Enough good things cant be said.


    large kennels, clean, dogs walked several times a day.



  • 8. Great No-Kill Shelter

    by: jilly123

    This shelter has a staff that works for both the animals and to educate the community. They also have a re-sale shop that has and extremely knowledgeable staff. The shelter is a plus for the community.


    Really works for animals



  • 9. very kind!

    by: Jwilliamson

    first off i want to say thank you very much you all where really nice to us and even let us take up some of your time just so we could pet all the dog's and cat's. it was very clean and all of the animals seem to be happy and loved there well taken care of.the 2 kittens we got from you are very loved already,so the one eyed kitten was one of the best kittens we could of ever got our son.and the other kitten my Daughter has her spoiled already.i will always let people know where to go if they need a pet. Thanks again.\n Jill Williamson


    more then willing to take there time to let us see all the dog's and cat's and was very friendly


    its a little hard to fined at first.

  • 10. river bend review

    by: mokoinfrance

    River bend human society is a safe haven for all animals and with the kill rate at over 90% in our county we are glad to have the no kill shelter that we are blessed with along with the wonderful people who help at this no profit society I am overjoyed at this chance to raise some money for our society.


    Cute animals, Knowelegdable staff, wonderful people, clean environment, and a good cause what more could you ask for.


    dont have enough money to expand but hey thats what this is for.

  • 11. As a new shelter

    by: missdaisy

    with the wonderful people we have at the shelter we can't do any thing but good. With the kill rate in our county in the high 90% we will just continue to get better.


    the first shelter jersey county has ever had


    getting the local goverment to work with us.

  • 12. Help us Please!

    by: jrabe13

    This organization is necessary to this particular community as before we had a high 90% kill rate for all animals that went through animal control. With Riverbend now at least the animals have a chance. We need more support so we can operate on a larger scale and save more animals! Please help us!


    Great organization necessary to the community


    Not enough help

  • 13. Great organization in need of a lot of support!

    by: avaughn13

    Riverbend Humane Society needs the help and support of the community in every way. We are in need of every type of supply as well as general volunteers for working at the shelter and for fund raisers. Please come out and support a great cause and help the animals!


    Wonderful organization with a great mission


    not enough volunteers or money/supplies