Rikkis refuge

Po box 1357
Orange, VA 22960

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  • 1. Lifesavers

    by: 4ripley

    Rikkis Refuge is a lifesaver! This organization is run by the most caring, dedicated, hard-working people around. When I had to find a home for a feline leukemia positive cat, Rikkis took him in and gave him a truly loving home for the rest of his short life. I knew from frequent e-mails from Kerry, the owner of Rikkis, that Eric ("The Love Cat") was receiving lots of love and attention----and medical care. When he started to get sick, everyone at Rikkis attended to him and tried to help him. I am so grateful to them----as when Eric died, he was in the arms of Kerry's kind brother.\r\nThis is the kind of thing that Rikkis does every day. They are amazing!


    Caring, devoted to their work


    Need more money to run the sanctuary