Reid Dog Park

Alvernon And 22nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85710

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Centrally Located City Park

    by: ahamblin

    Reid Park is a centrally located city park. It has lots of ramada picnic areas, playgrounds, and a small man-made lake with fountains and a waterfall. There is a 3 mile walking path around the park. The park has lush green grass which is truly a great find in the southern Arizona desert. There are two, fenced, off-leash dog areas: one for big dogs and one for small dogs. The grass is pretty much dead in these two areas, so it is extremely dusty. My dog doesn't find it to fun to chase after tennis balls because of the cloud of dust that encapsulates her as the ball hits the ground and as she goes bounding after it. I've noticed some aggressive dogs tend to frequent this park, and some dog owners who are indifferent about stopping their dog's aggressive behavior or picking up after their dog. My dog and I prefer to walk in the grassy area outside of the off-leash area, but there is a man-made lake with ducks that she begs me to let her swim in. Unfortunately the water isn't clean and swimming is prohibited. Not a bad park. We go there for a change of scenery sometimes or to watch the agility dog club train once a month.


    Huge park, lots of grass, 3 mile path around park, 2 off-leash areas


    No grass in the off leash areas, some dogs can be aggressive and their owners indifferent

  • 2. good park

    by: ollee32

    Overall a nice place, it could use more places to sit and things for the dogs to do. There's always plenty of water!


    Lots of room to run


    Not very grassy