Redbud Island

3401 Red Bud Trail
Austin, TX 78746

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. An Oasis on a Hot Day

    by: ShirleyC

    I love Redbud Island. At the head of Town Lake (now Lady Bird Lake), it has nice trails and good swimming spots. I think people are not allowed to swim in the lake, but that won't stop your dog from going in. Relatively quiet on a weekday during working hours.


    My dogs like a swim after hiking


    small space - can be crowded on a weekend

  • 2. Nice park, always friendly people and dogs

    by: sebogard

    My dogs love to go to this park, although we have only been a few times because it is not particularly close to our home. My lab Ace has so much fun running around and swimming. Penny has fun there as well, but she cannot go off-leash so she is restricted in what she is able to do. I always worry a little that a dog will run out into the parking lot from the park because of the lack of fencing, but it is a wonderful and fun environment for them to explore otherwise.


    fun for dogs to explore


    no fence

  • 3. Awesome park!

    by: erobin

    Perfect area for dogs! When we went out there, it was easy to drive to, parking was convenient, and the trails around the island were fun to trek through. Dogs of all sorts freely roamed the area or jumped into the water for some fun! Our dog, Max on the other hand, was not too thrilled about the water or getting wet---he's kinda funny that way. Folks there are always nice. On hot summer days it can be a little crowded but totally fun.


    Health, happiness, convenient parking


    Be prepared to get wet and dirty!

  • 4. Great park!

    by: angelinazoom

    Red Bud is one of the best places to bring your pets. Everyone can run free and play and make friends. People are usually pretty conscientious about picking up after their babies and a good time is always had by all. Thumbs up!


    off leash


    none unless someone doesn't play fair

  • 5. This is my favorite park

    by: whickums

    I absolutely love coming to Red Bud with my 2 dogs. We always make sure to go at off peak times (weekdays, before 4pm) to avoid any dogs who should not be there or people who go there without realizing it is an off leash dog park. There is a great volunteer base who meets on a regular basis to clean up the park and cut back non-native plants. It's a fabulous park to take your dogs to if they enjoy swimming as there are several small 'coves' throughout the park which can give you a sense of privacy, or there are larger, more public areas for interaction with other dogs.


    lots of 'private' areas, water access, good volunteer base to keep it clean


    really busy at peak times, used by non-dog people for swimming at times

  • 6. Dog Island

    by: ahamblin

    In Austin, TX, there is this great little island where dogs can play off-leash. It has a wide, dirt trail that circles the island. On the water's edge are trees and grass. There are several cleared areas where your dog can enter the water to swim. The water gets deep fast, so make sure your dog is a good swimmer; otherwise have your dog swim at the boat ramp area. Be aware that there are several large boulders just under the surface of the water. It is not a good idea for your dog to run and jump (belly flop) into the water. The park gets crowded on weekends, but is still lots of fun.


    An island where dogs run free.


    Not enough parking on the weekends.