Red door animal shelter

2410 west lunt ave
Chicago, IL 60645
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Great Shelter

    by: kristyeb

    Great little place to adopt pets from. They were courteous and knowledgeable.


    Professional, knowledgeable, friendly



  • 2. Fantastic mission

    by: kimberlimhh

    This is one of the amazing animal organizations in Chicago that has a fantastic mission. They are wonderful because they take rabbits and adopt them out as well. I can't say enough good things about Red Door. I'm just grateful it exists.


    They take and adopt out bunnies!


    Not enough people know how wonderful this shelter is!

  • 3. cageless shelter

    by: kimcobb

    I gotta tell you that I think it's great that these animals are not kept caged up all day! I love the concept of a cageless shelter.


    the animals are not caged all day



  • 4. Great shelter!

    by: Felinophile

    A great little shelter. They do wonderful work. One of the very few that adopts out rabbits. Rabbits make great pets, however too many people buy baby bunnies because they're cute, without doing any research first. Then they decide it's too much work or mess or money and they dump them in parks or at animal shelters. Most animal shelters are not set up to care for rabbits and they have to be euthanized. Domestic rabbits that are dumped in parks or forests and left to fend for themselves don't survive for long. Rabbits are not low maintanance or low cost! Don't get a rabbit unless you do your homework first and are prepared to take proper care of the rabbit for its entire lifetime, including *expensive* spay/neuter (absolutely necessary). Kudos to Red Door, they are truly a red door haven for homeless animals in need, especially rabbits!




    Limited resources.

  • 5. I like your vision

    by: lmpickford

    The "red door" history is very interesting. As a volunteer in another no-kill shelter, I think you have a good shelter for the animals and a good mission. I also like that you take in rabbits.


    No kill shelter