Red Bud Isle Off Leash Area

3401 Red Bud Trail Unit Circle
Austin, TX 78799

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. smelly and gross

    by: ShellySmith

    This park was a great idea, but unfortunately it's overused. too much dog poop and it smells. also, the last time we were out there, there were a few people who's dogs were out of control and wreaking havoc. we won't go back.


    dog specific


    too much dog poop

  • 2. need to go

    by: RustyK

    I have heard that this is the best park in town, but we still have not made it there. Need to on one of these warm winter days.


    best in town


    none so far

  • 3. Perfect place for dogs

    by: AnnieHudson

    This is a great place for someone that is afraid of their dog running off. It's on an island, so surrounded by water, so the dogs cannot go far! If your pooch loves to swim than this is a great place. But even if they're not too big on water there is a dirt trail that loops all the way around the island and a field that they can run in. A great place for any kind of dog and hours of fun. Parking is limited so if you're going on the weekend you may need to bring your patience or park on the road before the entrance. And for you humans: the views are pretty nice too!


    island so dogs can't run off


    limited parking

  • 4. I love this park

    by: whickums

    This is one of my 2 favorite parks in Austin. I take my 2 dogs here in the warmer months for hours of swimming. This park is a peninsula shaped land mass locked in by Town Lake on all sides. There are multiple coves and recently developed steps leading into the water all over the park, as well as a large play area for dogs who are less fond of swimming. There is a well maintained .5 mile walking path and several receptacles for doggy waste disposal. The park is well kept by those who use it and there are organized volunteer days monthly for extra cleaning.


    LEASH FREE, multi use


    sometimes non-dog people are there

  • 5. Dog Island

    by: ahamblin

    This island is just for dogs. It is an off-leash area where dogs can run free. There are no fences. The paths are dirt. There are trees and grass along the water's edge. You can find lots of nooks and cranies to get access to the water. The water gets deep fast, but there are also lots of big rocks and boulders hiding under the surface. Be careful not to allow your dog to do a flying belly flop into the water because of the rocks that lie just below the water's surface. There is also a boat ramp along the shore that makes it easy for dogs to access the water. The small parking lot is on the western side of the island and fills quickly on the weekends. You and your dog will love this place!


    Island just for dogs, surrounded by water


    Small island can get crowded on the weekends