Red bank veterninary hospital

197 hance ave
Tinton falls, NJ 07702
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User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Superb

    by: norap

    THE place to go--for everything if you are close--and for specialists if not. They work well with your regular vet to get what you need. I know my vet refers to them when they feel a specialist is warranted and the best of the best are found at RBVH. It's a welcoming, bustling place, impeccably clean and a comfort to know that you can't do any better in terms of specialized care.




    not close to me

  • 2. Red Bank Veterinary Hospital is the best specialized hospital in NJ

    by: RemarkablySpecial

    I few years back we had to take our dog to a veterinary neurologist at Red Bank and were very pleased with our experience. She had an MRI done to diagnose some really weird neurological symptoms she was experiencing. We ended up having to consult with a cardiologist as well because there was something funky with her EKG (older dog) that could have been the cause of the symptoms as well. They've pretty much thought of everything when they built this place. They automatic door openers [think grocery store] in case you are carrying your pet, in addition to the specialists are an office to handle finances, pharmacy, and a bereavement room. Also offered is medical boarding and physical rehabilitation. A special note-they have the largest salt water tank that I've seen outside of commerical aquariums.


    Numerious specialists in different fields of veterinary medicine.


    The only one for us was the distance, but that's can't be helped.

  • 3. Complete service Hospital

    by: BuilderBob

    This hospital gets a lot of referral from vets for specialty services. Ultrasounds, oncology, many other specialty service. Great fishtank for taking your mind off of your problems while you are waiting. Can be tricky with so many dogs in the waiting area.


    Every service you could possible want



  • 4. All in One - Vet Office

    by: grlsci

    Has everything from my regular vet to specialists and an on-site pharmacy. My particular vets have been very willing to explain their reasoning for doing things. The whole hospital has welcomed not only my new puppy but also gave us lots of support when we had to put our shepard to sleep.


    Has regular vets to specialists!


    Can be pricey for certain specialities.

  • 5. helped when my dog found baby bunnies

    by: hunnie730

    This hospital was the only in the area willing to take in baby bunnies that my dog found. They were still alive but out of the nest and after making many calls someone at this vet offered to try to help the bunnies. I don't know how they did but A for effort!


    emergency service



  • 6. State of the art

    by: labs118

    State of the art. My Lab had to see the eye doctor here. What a great place . Lots of parking, Set up inside is very good. They offer special care a lot of other vet's cannot.


    Great Care



  • 7. Rude Doctors and Totally Rude Receptionist

    by: mmarino

    I took my black lab here for a surgery. She was in so much pain afterwords that she would cry when she tried to sit down. You would think they would have given her a higher dose of pain meds.\r\nWhen I tried to call them to ask about some follow up questions, the doctor never call me back! 3 calls and no return call. You'd think that after $2K for surgery, the guy could at least call me back!!!\r\n\r\nBut the receptionist was even worse! I've never spoken to such a rude, abrupt person in all my life. She was so rude that I actually hung up on her!\r\n\r\nI would NEVER take my beloved pet here! Imagine, if that's how they treat me, just imagine how they treat your pet!\r\n\r\n


    huge complex and can help your pet


    expensive and totally rude staff!

  • 8. Top-Quality Animal Care

    by: sheltie86

    In the veterinary field, RBVH is consistently ranked one of the top hospitals in the country. The offer nearly every single type of specialized services available to small pets, from high-skill surgeries to neurological exams to internal medicine. Unique to the area are doctors specializing in nutrition, behavior, and small animal reproduction. The emergency service is open 24/7, all year long, including holidays, and the ER doctors are trained for that field, with the ablity to consult with other specialists (neurology or surgery, for example) if needed. The emergency staff is very dedicated to helping pets in a wide variety or situations and is extremely knowledgeable. Lastly, RBVH has several doctors on staff that see regular appointments for vaccinations and check-ups, with the advantage of being located in a state-of-the-art building. The facility if almost brand-new and is equipped with the latest in veterinary technology. RBVH is definitely the place to go for the highest quality of veterinary medicine.


    excellent staff, beautiful facility, open 24/7


    can be crowded during busy times