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3421 lakeland hills boulevard
Lakeland, FL 33805
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Understanding

    by: PineFamily

    We have taken our 4 girls to several vets in the lakeland area. Several want to mussel my pit, others tell me that I don't take proper care of my husky mix. Dr Raymond on the other hand was very patient and understanding. He met my gang and did not even want to mussel my pit, plus after examining my husky, he said she was in excellent health being that she is mixed with greyhound hence the skinniness. The staff is very gentle with my girls and they take time to make sure that I understand what is going on. I would recommend them to pet owners that want a knowledgeable staff.


    friendly, efficient, very knowledgable


    no vet on monday

  • 2. Worst vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by: Mustang111

    I took my dog there and was treated very rudely! My first experience with the vet was while he was weighing my dog and the vet did not want dog drool all over. I thought, is he REALLY a vet???? Then the same vet wanted to mussel my dog. I tried to explain this would be worse to this dog. The vet said that I have never been attacked by a dog. WRONG! I was bit as a child but do not hold a fear of animals. The finale, the vet instructed the staff to clean up the doggy drool. :( I would not recommend this to anyone!


    no waiting