Quiet Waters Dog Park

600 Quiet Waters Park Road
Annapolis, MD 21401

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great Place to take your dog

    by: lherbertson

    Quiet Waters is a great place to take the dog. The water is calm (as the name implies) and warm. It was very crowded when I went, but none of the dogs had a problem. They ran, chased each other, retrieved sticks from the water. The people shared toys and were very friendly. The beach was very narrow. There's not a lot of room for people. Definitely don't take anything you can't put in your pocket, or you don't mind carrying. The parking lot isn't far away; you can leave the towels in the car. There is also a fenced in dog park if the beach isn't your thing. Trails as well. It's a great place for the dog, and the entire family. I highly recommend it.


    great water area, friendly dogs and people


    crowded, narrow beach

  • 2. Love Quiet Waters

    by: DawnMR

    I absolutely love Quiet Waters Park. I have been talking my daughter there since she was a baby in a stroller. She is seventeen now and we have an almost two year old hound that we are going to introduce to the park as soon as the weather breaks. This park is set in the most beautiful place on the water and seems very private although is very convenient to a quick trip downtown Annapolis, MD.


    Very conveniently located to home and downtown Annapolis



  • 3. great

    by: PaigeHuper

    This is a great park for the dogs and lots of nice people.





  • 4. Wonderful Dog Park!

    by: TicTac

    I LOVE Quiet Waters Park and I don't even have a dog! The two, large fenced-in dog parks are ideal for letting your dog off-lead to run and play with other dogs. There is also a dog beach specially designated for doggie fun. Owners can walk through woods on nice, paved trails and see some great views of the water. \r\nThere is an entrance fee for vehicles (day-long pass), but a season pass is very reasonably priced. A must for all dog lovers in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County!


    Beautiful location, 2 off-leash dog parks (small/senior dogs, and big dogs), dog beach, multiple wooded trails


    entrance fee