Quail Ridge Park

Quail Ridge Road
Wentzville, MO 63385

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Decent Dog Park, Nice People

    by: xoxojessika

    Quail Ridge is the first dog park I've ever gone to and my dogs and I enjoy visiting there very much. They have expanded the area in the past year since I've been there so on my recent visit I was excited to see the new addition.\n\nPros: They rotate areas so one section has time to "grow back" and the area doesn't just turn to dust. They offer a "large" dog and "small" dog area so if your small dog doesn't like interacting with larger dogs or if you just don't want to mingle then you can play with dogs your own size. Restrooms are pretty close by but is still a walk and since you can't leave your dog unattended (or aren't supposed to) its best to bring another person with you. Water is provided, but again it's a bit of a walk.\n\nCons: My biggest complaint about this dog park overall is the lack of owner responsibility in picking up after their own dogs! I have watched a dog defecate and the owner stood there and watched, and did not pick it up. Or they would wait and by the time they went to pick it up they'd lost the spot, or dogs (or people) had already walked, run through, or rolled over it. It's disgusting! I use "irresponsible owners" as a con very loosely: I mean it in the terms that most owners that bring their dogs bring very young puppies, under socialized adults, aggressive adults, unvaccinated puppies, or unsocialized puppies. To be honest, a dog park is just not the place to socialize your puppy before or during puppy school, and CERTAINLY NOT if he hasn't completed his vaccines! Too many times have I seen aggressive dogs get into fights and the owners just stand there and watch it happen and say "oh, he's just playing". No he isn't, and don't get mad when my dog snaps back because she's getting sick of your dog trying to mount her and you aren't doing anything about it! It can be *VERY* crowded on a nice day so it can be very chaotic with that many dogs if the owners aren't paying close attention to their own dogs. Some are too busy socializing with each other to pay attention to their own dogs when they defecate, get into/cause a fight, or bite other dogs.\n\nOverall, this park is good for the general person who is close by and wants to bring their dog out for some fun. I just advise you to please be responsible :) I will probably visit again but since Broemmelsiek opened I will probably frequent that more :)


    convenient location, rotate areas, small dog area, restrooms close by, water provided


    lots of feces that doesn't get picked up, irresponsible owners, can get very crowded

  • 2. Fair to Good dog park

    by: pil

    the overhead protected area is nice for a person to sit for a few minutes, but PLEASE, many owners chit chat and don't pay attention to what their dog is up to.\r\nWhen I have been there, dogs are having a good time playing, and exercising.\r\nAnother person said in their review, and I agree... please pick up after your dogs. This helps to not spread disease, and for the rest of us not to step in it.\r\n\r\n


    overhead protected area available


    owners, pick up your dogs poop

  • 3. okay

    by: meganmary

    this park is of great size, free to public and has lots of lush grass for dogs to run and play. the down side is that people don't really follow the rules. patrons don't keep an eye on their dogs very well and this leads to bad behavior on the dogs part that goes unchecked. also people don't seem to be very dilligent about picking up their dogs poop. mainly because they are not paying close attention to the action of their dogs and socialize instead. i have brought one of my dogs here in the past and he liked it alright. we used to belong to the ucity dog park which is much better because it is members only and rules are enforced. you have to pay, but sometimes you get what you pay for.


    very large, lots of grass, covered area


    people don't follow rules

  • 4. Great Place!

    by: chadcarroll

    This place was a great time. Just being able to watch my Dog run with other Dogs and play chase was the best experience. The Dogs that go are friendly and it has enough running room so the Dogs can play Ball or simply relax.


    Clean, Easily Accessible, Fun Experience


    Have to Park A Distance Not By Too Much

  • 5. Good park

    by: malignstar

    This was the first park I visited but due to it being closed most of the time from wet conditions I normally don't go. The weekends get very, very busy in my experience so for dogs not used to 50 other dogs rough housing all around them, it's probably not a goodidea to go then. Try the afternoon during the week. Other than that, there's lots of open space to run and people leave toys there for the dogs to play with.


    open area, room to run


    many don't pick up after their dogs, often busy/crowded on weekends

  • 6. Good Start for a Dog Park but they need to do More

    by: Bahamablue

    I have two dogs and we go to this park a lot year around. We walk the wooded trails of the park. However we tend to stay out of the off lease area. It is too small, which leads to quick overcrowding. Also on the side of a hill, no trees, and nothing there for play and stimulation. My dogs don't even like to go in the off lease area, they always stand by the gate wanting out to go walk the trails instead. 90% of the people that use this park are dog owners with their dogs, so they just need to fence in the entire park and make the whole park one big off lease area. They also need to have a monitor in the off lease area, making sure dog owners are being responsible owners. There is a huge flat field just below the off lease area and this would make a much better and larger place for the dogs. Don't get me wrong, this park is beautiful and a great place to take your dogs for a long hike/walk on the wooded trails. I just think the off lease area needs a lot of help. They have spend a lot of money on equipment for kids playgrounds, and I see very few kids there playing on it. Some of the playgrounds in the park are barely ever used. Spend the money for the dog park instead, that has a much higher use rate.


    love the park trails


    off lease area too small, needs work

  • 7. Love this dogpark

    by: pelphr6

    My dog enjoyed running with others. There were balls and frisbees there to play with. They ran in packs and went to greet new comers. The water bowls are gross, but there is running water close and always someone filling up the bowls.


    Makes my fat dog excercise!


    Irresponsible owners

  • 8. Fun place for dogs!

    by: westamy

    I like this park - there's a nice walking/running trail that goes through the woods and around the lake. The dog park is often crowded, though. They only have like half of it open at a time. Like the other reviewer said, often owners don't pay attention to their dogs so you have to watch where you step. There are a lot of benches up under a shelter, but it's not very open and if you sit there your dog hangs around there instead of running in the park. I wish that area were more open or there were more than 3 benches sitting out in the play area. There is also a small dog play area, which is nice so your little one doesn't get pummeled by an overbearing lab.


    Small dog play area, beautiful park


    Closed after rain, not enough seating

  • 9. Good dog park

    by: mimichinook

    My dogs love this place. It is not big enough though - it is mostly dirt and mud at times - have to keep the dogs out when it has been raining. It is a free park - which is great - and you can take your dogs out for a nice walk after in the park - it is beautiful


    Nice wildlife area


    Not big enough for the number of dogs

  • 10. Fun place for dogs!

    by: Krazykitty

    A very nice place to watch your favorite family member to run and play with his or her doggie friends.


    Close to home, large place for the dogs to run.


    Unaltered dogs were allowed in.