Quail Ridge Dog Park

5501 Quail Ridge Pkwy
Wentzville, MO 63385

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Great park, dont use the dog park section though

    by: bludog

    I am not big on dog parks and do not take my dogs there BUT this park is fantastic for walking trails. My dogs are taken here regularly and have a blast every time. Great scenery and well maintained!


    Few dogs, long paved trails, streams


    Dogs off leash in leashed areas

  • 2. good dog park

    by: stephielulu

    My dog loves this place becuase its clean and a large place to play fetch and run around and met new dogs and humans!!


    FUn for dogs


    also for humans

  • 3. Decent Dog Park, Nice People

    by: xoxojessika

    Quail Ridge apparently has two entries on this site; I left this same review on both.\n\nQuail Ridge is the first dog park I've ever gone to and my dogs and I enjoy visiting there very much. They have expanded the area in the past year since I've been there so on my recent visit I was excited to see the new addition.\n\nPros: They rotate areas so one section has time to "grow back" and the area doesn't just turn to dust. They offer a "large" dog and "small" dog area so if your small dog doesn't like interacting with larger dogs or if you just don't want to mingle then you can play with dogs your own size. Restrooms are pretty close by but is still a walk and since you can't leave your dog unattended (or aren't supposed to) its best to bring another person with you. Water is provided, but again it's a bit of a walk.\n\nCons: My biggest complaint about this dog park overall is the lack of owner responsibility in picking up after their own dogs! I have watched a dog defecate and the owner stood there and watched, and did not pick it up. Or they would wait and by the time they went to pick it up they'd lost the spot, or dogs (or people) had already walked, run through, or rolled over it. It's disgusting! I use "irresponsible owners" as a con very loosely: I mean it in the terms that most owners that bring their dogs bring very young puppies, under socialized adults, aggressive adults, unvaccinated puppies, or unsocialized puppies. To be honest, a dog park is just not the place to socialize your puppy before or during puppy school, and CERTAINLY NOT if he hasn't completed his vaccines! Too many times have I seen aggressive dogs get into fights and the owners just stand there and watch it happen and say "oh, he's just playing". No he isn't, and don't get mad when my dog snaps back because she's getting sick of your dog trying to mount her and you aren't doing anything about it! It can be *VERY* crowded on a nice day so it can be very chaotic with that many dogs if the owners aren't paying close attention to their own dogs. Some are too busy socializing with each other to pay attention to their own dogs when they defecate, get into/cause a fight, or bite other dogs.\n\nOverall, this park is good for the general person who is close by and wants to bring their dog out for some fun. I just advise you to please be responsible :) I will probably visit again but since Broemmelsiek opened I will probably frequent that more :)


    convenient location, rotate areas, small dog area, restrooms close by, water provided


    lots of feces that doesn't get picked up, irresponsible owners, can get very crowded

  • 4. great place for socializing

    by: intermag

    I love going to the quail ridge park in wentzville. \r\nI usually start walking my dog in the trails (some are on asphalt, and some are wooded trails.) Then, when she runs out most of her energy, I take her to the dog park so she can play with other dog and where she can run free.\r\n\r\nI really think that a dog needs to be socialized, and see more than one or two person/animal every day. Quail ridge is the perfect place to do that.\r\n\r\nThe only thing that I do not like, is that once that you are in the enclosed dog park, there is no water in there. Every time you run out of water, you have to take your dog out with you to the parking lot where there is a water fountain. I usually take a small cooler and fill it up with water. \r\nAlso Don't be offended if somebody else's dog come and still your water, it is very common arround there!


    the dogs can run free


    water access is a little bit far

  • 5. love this place

    by: Kimmee01

    I love this place. I take my dogs here and they can run and play with other dogs off leash, it is so enjoyable watching them meet new friends. Most owners pick up after their dogs and keep an eye on their dogs, but ever once in a while you will see a dog fight because someone wasn't paying attention or they bring a toy for their dog to play with and the other dogs want it. Remember it is a dog park for them to run and play with the other dogs, they don't need toys here. \r\nAnother great thing is no children under 8 are allowed in, which is wonderful. KILO is very friendly and he likes to jump up on you to say "Hi", he would easily knock over a small child. \r\nThey also have a seperate area for puppies and small dogs so they don't get ran over when all the large dogs are in a group chasing each other. On a nice day you will easily see over 50 dogs here. So bring your dog, a bowl and some water, (they provide poopy bags), and get ready to laugh and have a great time watching your dog have so much fun.


    The dogs can run & play without a leash


    Owner's don't always control their dogs

  • 6. Sounds really nice

    by: JenniferK

    Looking forward to visiting this dog park soon - have heard it's really nice - lots of room and clean, although can be muddy.


    lots of room in off-leash area


    far distance from my house