Quad city animal welfare center (formerly humane society of rock island county)

724 west second avenue
Milan, IL 61264
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Lucky, my dog adopted from shelter

    by: Jgigi

    They seemed so concerned to help me find a good dog as I was afraid after my husband passed to stay alone....I liked the way they brought a few dogs in a little room so I could be alone to relate a bit to them.....I was 60 at the time and well prepared to pay all expenses for the dog but I got it for free because of companionship at my age....Still Purina footed the bill for this, so the shelter still got the same amount.. Very kind of them.


    patient.. staff dedicated to a good placement


    I saw nothing bye good while here so NA

  • 2. I would adopt from here all over again!

    by: ILAnimalLawyer

    I adopted my Min Pin Sammy from here in October 2007. They stayed open for me as I was running late after making the 4 hr round trip drive to come get him!!! I love how they have an owner who relinquishes a dog voluntarily fill out a sheet with the dog's likes, dislikes, background, training, etc. Very helpful in helping him to adjust! All around great shelter!!!


    Clean, accomodating, obviously caring staff



  • 3. Adopting

    by: tina2009

    I adopted my dog from this shelter a couple of months ago. They had a behaviorist assess him before they allowed him to be adopted. They were very friendly and helpful. The staff continues to be helpful even after bringing my dog home. I can't recommend them enough.


    staff is helpful, caring and committed


    none that I found