Puttin On The Ritz

7773 Creek Rd
Mount Morris, NY

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  • 1. Betsy is Great

    by: MaxxieBrown

    Betsy is the owner and groomer working out of her house. She lets me drop Max off in the morning on my way to work and pick him up when I'm done. She shaves him just the way I want (not too short). For a very small cost she bathes, shaves, cleans the ears and glands, and clips his nails.\n\nShe likes the natural way of doing things and always has advice for me.\n\nPuttin' on the Ritz is on a country road between Mt. Morris and Nunda. Unfortunately there are many stray cats in both of these towns. Betsy takes then in and tries to find homes for them. If I didn't have three cats of my own, I would probably go home with one.\n\nAnyone looking for a cat to adopt call Betsy, I'm sure she"ll have one for you. 585-658-4059\n\n


    Accomidating, Affordable, Has cats for adoption


    Has cats for adoption