Putnam Park

Route 58
Bethel, CT 06801

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Nice place

    by: Ralph1

    I go everywhere with my dog, so we know a lot of places to walk. This place is very easy walk, which makes it nice in the winter.


    easy walk, clean


    a little too easy

  • 2. Nice for easy walks

    by: twosibes

    Putnam Park is a nice park on the Redding/Bethel border, right off 58 so it's very accessible. The surroundings are very pretty as well. If you are looking for a nice easy walk on wide trails any time of year, this is a good place.


    Convenient, easy trails, pretty surroundings


    Not the place for a really long hike

  • 3. Historical too!

    by: lofrs

    We often will take a picnic lunch to this park and simply enjoy the day. They have great ruins to explore and the trails are nicely maintained.


    Pleasant, well maintained and historical as well



  • 4. Fun for a Walk!

    by: LynnLucyDoris

    This is a beautiful area in Bethel & Redding. They even plow the walking path. It goes past a lake and up through the woods. I've met some very nice people there.


    Great place to walk!