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Arlington, WA 98223

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  • 1. Purrfect pals is a loving and caring santuary for felines!

    by: ProudCatWoman

    Purrfect Pals provides the most love and care for their cats that I have ever seen from a shelter or organization. The fact that the adoption counselor knew all their names astounded me and really displayed the time they take to get to know their kitties. Our adoption counselor, Melissa, was so helpful in giving us all the information we needed to make such a hard and lifelong decision. We decided on two male kitties who had been at the shelter for over a year due mainly to their age and some extra health care that would be needed (all of which was explained to us long before we made the decision to adopt them). The day we came in to take them home many of the shelter staff members were emotional about the good-bye and very excited for them. I emailed the shelter about some mats that I found on one of the kitties after I brought him home and just asked what they recommend I do to get them out. I was expecting to go buy a special comb or take them to a groomer, but instead Purrfect Pals graciously offered a free-of-charge grooming for them and apologized for not catching that before I adopted them. My final review is this: I have volunteered and visited numerous cat shelters around Washington. The cats at the Arlington shelter were the happiest and loving shelter cats I have ever seen. I attribute this to the dedicated and loving staff at Purrfect Pals. Thank you for giving us two lifelong additions to our family!


    Happy cats, friendly volunteers


    Kind of a drive out of the city (Seattle) but it's worth it!

  • 2. Great Place!

    by: Kitkat12

    I got my amazing cat Lexi from this shelter when she was a kitten. They were so nice and let me spend as much time as I wanted until I made a decision. They also give out coupons and cool things when you adopt an animal.


    Great animals, people were very nice


    Need more help and room for animals

  • 3. Purrfect Pals

    by: sheltervt

    the nation's largest cats-only no kill sanctuary... amazing work done by these folks.


    Huge selection of cats/kittens in need; NO KILL


    very understaffed, difficult to get ahold of

  • 4. Purrfect Pals lies to get rid of cats

    by: zmeisje

    At the cat show in the Seattle Center last December, we adopted a kitty from Purrfect Pals. They make it seem like they are reputable animal lovers, but now I wish I had bought the purebred Persian I wanted instead of falling for their con. They have never responded to any of my emails or phone calls about my problems with this cat.\n\nThe kitty was a seal point Siamese and seemed friendly. I asked about her behavior, since the report they had on her claimed she was shy. They said she takes a while to get to know people but had no real problems. I specifically asked about scratching and biting people because I haven't had a cat in a long time and didn't want to start out with an animal with a behavioral problem. My last cat died of kidney disease and I was heartbroken. I specifically asked about kidney disease, and if she had it. They said she had been fully vetted and she had no health issues. I have raised feral cats to become good housepets before...so shy cats that were healthy seemed like it would be okay.\n\nLIES! The cat is a nightmare. She bites like crazy any time you do something she doesn't like. I mean if I decide to stop playing with her to go to the bathroom! I have had bleeding wounds every week since I got her. She does have some good points, she doesn't scratch furniture, and uses her litter box. But this is only if you spend literally at least every moment you are at home playing with her. She starts up puking, biting, scratching, and craps all over the house if you don't spend ALL of your time focused on her.\n\nShe spent the first 10 days with us barfing all over the house....guess what? She has CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE!!!! How in the world could they have missed the bad appetite, puking, and thin fur? I was told they had to shave some small mats and that is why she had thin fur. She also has rotten teeth that make her breath smell worse than trash.\n\nAt the vet, a Purrfect Pals volunteer recognized her. She was shocked the cat was ever put up for adoption. Apparently none of the staff can handle her behavior either. So they never interacted with her for 8 months. She got kennel depression and stopped grooming. So their solution was to have four people put all their weight on her to pin her down and shave all of her fur off. No wonder I can't clip the cat's claws, brush her teeth, or brush her fur. She is scared to death of handling because of what she suffered at their hands. One vet that works with this rescue literally won't go anywhere near this cat because she has bitten and scratched their staff so badly.\n\nI don't give a care what their contract says. I am having a child soon. I cannot spend every waking moment with this cat. If the cat can't handle my child needing my attention and EVER tries scratching or biting...she gets put to sleep, or gets a four paw declaw and her fangs pulled. At that time I will get her teeth cleaned. \n\nPurrfect Pals dumped this mess of an animal on me because they couldn't handle her themselves. Of course they won't do a thing about her issues but they do send me letters all the time begging me for more money! YEAH RIGHT!!!!


    Lots of cats to choose from


    Adopts out human aggressive cats that have illnesses

  • 5. Thanking them for helping me..

    by: Lillydonn

    I was very pleased ,they all are very kind they showed my Mom and I all around. My Mom and I where so happy to see all they do, the way they work with all the cats not just the kittens but all of the cats sick and ferral cats to and other shelters will not do that. The shelter was very clean.. All the cats had toys..Don,t see that at some of the others...Thanks Purrfect Pals for the feild trip...


    They work with all of the cat,s kittys even if they are sick and alot of shelters will not..


    There are none..

  • 6. Purr-fect!

    by: kashaw

    I have been a Purrfect Pals volunteer for several years and its message of 'Because Every Cat Matters' is what motivates my volunteering efforts. They take in cats who are old, blind, have behavioral problems, FIV or have a death sentence from another shelter. They truly believe that these special creatures are a gift and not disposable. \r\n\r\nThis shelter works to find a forever home for every cat and kitten in its system. This is the largest no-kill cat only shelter and sanctuary in America. And, it is here in Western Washington. It deserves our support both financially and in volunteer hours. \r\n\r\nThis shelter is making a difference...I have seen it! And, it can make an even bigger difference in the future with more public support.


    totally no-kill cat shelter; vet on site; website with links; take in special needs


    issues with communicating their mission

  • 7. Wonderful shelter with lots of wonderful volunteers!

    by: Ferretocious

    I've been a volunteer for Purrfect Pals for almost a year now. They are VERY passionate about caring for the homeless in this area. They also have a great crew of volunteers that works lots of events all over King and Snohomish counties to raise funds and awareness of the shelter. I've worked with various shelters over the past 20 years and this one by far has been my favorite! Great people, a great cause and a real sense of comraderie about doing all we can to help and place homeless cats in their forever homes.


    friendly volunteers, VERY clean, no-kill, exceptionally well-cared for cats


    none that I've seen or heard of

  • 8. Outstanding organization

    by: rescuegoddess

    have worked in animal rescue endeavors for the past 25 years.\r\nPurrfect Pals is one of the best shelters i've been involved with....well run, great staff, healthy cats w/ excellent vet care provided.\r\nbut the buildings are old, tired and are in need of a makeover to make this a premier cat rescue organization.


    great organization w/ very dedicated staff


    desperately needs a remodel