Purdue veterinary teaching hospital

625 harrison street
West lafayette, IN 47907

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Very helpful

    by: Wileydog

    Niki went to Purdue for the second time to have her hips evaluated. The first was at 10 months old. I knew this time she would need hip replacement. The doctor was very knoweledgeable and explained everthing to me. They are tooling up to a cementless total hip replacement so it will abe July before she can have the surgery. It is rather pricey at $3500. However, they feel that they will only have to do the right hip as it is the one that is painful. Niki is normally very nervous, but she stayed extremely calm and I was told that she cooperated with them very well.\r\n\r\nThere were people there from Chicago and from southern Indiana. I would recommend Purdue to anyone with a pet who needs more care than your local vet can offer.


    Benefit of new technics and procedures


    Can sometimes take a while to get in

  • 2. In my eyes The Purdue Veterinary Teaching Hospital is Wonderful!

    by: emandeb

    I first took my beloved Tessa to Purdue in Aug. 1999 as a referral from my trusted vet office because Tess had gone suddenly blind. The staff were absolutely wonderful,kind,caring and very knowlegeable. Then in Jan. 2003 I was again referred by my vets to take Hanna to Purdue for a very rare blood disorder. Again I have nothing but really high regard for Purdue. Without thier help my beloved Hanna would have passed away very shortly, but because of thier medical knowledge and advance testing area Hanna lived until Nov. 2006. My last visit to Purdue came again on the advice of my wonderful vet to try to find a cure for my beloved Zebadiah in JUly 2003,however,this time our time was to short and my little boy passed away of complications and heart failure. The staff were in all my cases very caring and professional! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone associated with Purdue Veterinar Teaching Hospital.


    They are up there with the BEST!