Puppy palace pet salon

1524 plainfield pike
Cranston , RI 02920

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great groomer

    by: LiLxNIiNJA101

    We took a foster dog to the puppy palace and she was a mess. She looked like one big matty rag. The owner and groom was great with the dog. She did a real good job on her. There are birds in the waiting area so cute but boy can they get loud!


    Great groomer


    If you don't like birds not the place for you

  • 2. Friendly Groomer

    by: jcl4753

    The owner was very knowledgable and knew exactly what was going on with my cat as to why she had clumps of fur all over the place. as my cat never had this problem in 5 years. she spoke to me as to what the procedure was that she was going to do and when i went to get my cat, she looked awesome.\r\nnot only did she fix all the clumps. she also groomed her better than she has ever been done before. my cat is a long haired cat.\r\ni would recommend this place to anyone.


    very efficient and my cat was the best groomed than she has ever been