Puddin's place pet adoption depot

2512 highway 69 south
Lumberton, TX 77657
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Puddins Place

    by: JoHodge

    Puddin's Place is a wonderful place if you are considering adopting a new furry addition to your family. The volunteers are wonderful and help in anyway possible. They treat the animals who call Puddin's Place home like they were there own pets. You can bet when you go to Puddin's Place they are going to be honest and help you find the pet this suits you and your family to the fullest!




    Always full

  • 2. Why I love Puddin's Place.

    by: cjmhodge

    Puddin's Place is a wonderful shelter. My favorite fact about the shelter is that they do not put the animals to sleep. Even if it takes months or years to find them a home. The shelter is non-profit and runs on donations. Puddin's Place have many fundraisers to raise money, food, and other things for the shelter. \r\nThe volunteers are at the shelter everyday. They do not take off on holidays, bad weather, or for any other reason. \r\nThe down side about a non-kill shelter is it is always full, there is hardly ever any room for other animals. This unfortunally means people are forced to take there unwanted pets to other shelters. \r\nIt's a great place to adopt a pet to add to your family. They play with the animals, try to socalize them with other pets and people. They also have the pet spayed or neutered. If the animals is to young to have it spayed or neutered they give you a certificate so you can have it done when your pet is old enough. \r\nThey also make sure the pets are up to date on there shots and fle prevention. They bathe the animals to keep up good hygiene. \r\nI would recomend Puddin's Place to anyone who was thinking of adopting a new pet.


    Does not euthanasize aniamls.


    No room to take other animals.