Project hope humane society

Po box 125 1698 west 10th street
Metropolis, IL 62960

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Great Place! Caring People!

    by: retta21

    Every time I have stopped at the shelter or attended a fund raiser for the shelter I have noticed how commited all of the staff are to the care of the animals.


    They will work with you every way possible to ensure that you and your new pet are right for each other.


    It is kind of out of the way and they need a new building.

  • 2. Project Hope is great!

    by: loislane72

    I've written a lot about Project Hope in my 9.5 years at the Metropolis Planet and it is a great facility doing the best it can to survive and help the animals. I didn't adopt my cats there. I rescued mine off the streets of Metropolis. But, had I not done that, well, they could've ended up at Project Hope. My dream is to own a house someday and to adopt a small dog to come live with me and my furballs. I hope everyone will consider helping Project Hope in some capacity either financially or with time. It is a worthy cause!


    They don't kill the animials


    People aren't adopting the animals

  • 3. They are always striving to better the shelter.

    by: joanhawes

    They are constently coming up with original ways to raise funds for their shelter.


    No Kill!


    Just need more help with funds.

  • 4. A new chance for life thanks to Project Hope!

    by: crtrlovr

    These guys are on the pedestals of saints in my book! I'm amazed at the miracles they work with the smallest of resources. It is their determined purpose that NO animal should be euthanized unless it is a medical certainty that it cannot be healed or made comfortable to live out the remainder of its life naturally. They do their utmost best to find forever homes for as many animals as possible, and I KNOW they could do SO much more with the shelter makeover! They accomplish so much with so little, and the blessing they are to this community would only be greater if their resources were to increase to use for repair, expansion, and thus the space to take in more frightened, lost, abandoned pets and give them a chance at a decent life. I can't say enough about Project Hope, and support them as much as I possibly can. It is my fervent hope that others will do the same! God bless!


    a compassionate staff w/ caring hearts


    none: they do miracles with what they have to work with

  • 5. great place

    by: rach22a

    This place is awesome. the best thing metropolis has had yet!


    wonderful place in metro


    arent any

  • 6. Non-kill society deserves support.

    by: muffyfavre

    This is a no-kill shelter which has been in the area for several years. All animals adopted have been spayed/neutered, are up-to-date on their shots. One of the few no-kill shelters in Southern Illinois, Project Hope has an enviable record of yearly adoptions, is staffed by caring volunteers and has the support of the local community. It's a great place to find a new forever-friend. \r\n


    The Only No-Kill shelter is our area