Progressive animal hospital

149 route 202
Lincolndale, NY 10587

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  • 1. Horrible

    by: bree429

    I just got left Progressive Animal Hospital in tears after Dr. Frishman yelled at me about how my dog died under HIS care when he only came in for a bloody ear. Two years ago, Dr. Frishman gave my dog a sedation to drain his puss filled ear. I live one mile from the hospital. Half way home, he got the bandage off and his ear was bleeding again. My mother turned around and Dr. Frishman gave my dog a second dose of sedatitives. It happened to be the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and at this point it was after hours and the staff was itching to leave. They told my mother instead of waiting here for him to wake up, why don't you let him sleep it off and pick him up in the morning. The next morning my mom went to pick him up. Went in the back w/ the assistant saying "Bailey, Bailey" Bailey was dead in his cage. GET THIS - the next phone call my mother gets is from Dr. Frishman's WIFE asking for MORE MONEY because now they had to dispose of Bailey!!!! I didn't realize this when I went to speak with him today. Nonetheless, he was screaming and cursing at me that I was calling him a malicious dog killer which I never did. I merely asked for an explanation as none was given to my mother, nor an apology or condolence. He couldn't give me an explanation. They have no records other than he is deceased. He told me what he believes happened. He constantly contradicted himself. He couldn't get past that fact that I was coming in "two years later...over a dead dog!" I happened to be living in Florida and this is the first chance I got, thankyouverymuch. Plus my mother has been absolutely DISTRAUGHT. But I NEVER expected him to act like this. He was arguing with me for about 5 mins before he would start his explanation. It almost seems like he has a mental illness. He was out of control. But turning it all around like it was my fault or something. He couldn't deal with this situation for some reason. Contradictions like - dogs don't die here regularly so I remember this dog. Then its dogs die here all the time, but I don't do autopsies on them. They are sick. I was asking why if a perfectly healthy dog other than a bloody ear died under your supervision, wouldn't you want an autopsy for you? For your records? As a Dr.? He said it costs $1,000 and he has kids to feed. Funny, I looked him up and he lives in Chappaqua. Beyond the point. Others were he couldn't remember specifics because it was 2 years ago. Then all of the sudden he remembered clearly. Like at the very end of our convo, he remembered clearly that my dog was awake before he left. He also remembers clearly how he spent hours on the phone with my mother, CRYING WITH HER. That is B.S. And he called my mother a liar. This man is completely unprofessional and I would never trust a plant to be under his care much less a beloved breathing creature who had his whole life ahead of him. My dog Bailey came in with a hemotoma. He left in a body bag. Heed my warning about this hospital. Bailey takes a sedative every time he goes to the vet. He doesn't have allergies to it. It was that he was given 2 doses within an hour or a couple hours. The doctor should have known that and at least stayed with him until he was awake, alive and well. And I am sure he will try to discredit me as well. I have been a paralegal my whole life and my mother is a top executive at IBM. We get nothing out of doing this. She is so distraught she still can't talk about it. I just want my story out there for you to read so you can make an educated decision.


    Nice property


    People inside are liars

  • 2. A breath of fresh air!

    by: Tonyalynn82

    This is an amazing home style vet office! The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! They remember each client on an individual basis and are always more than happy to help, and answer any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their pet!


    friendly, able to speek directly to Dr., quick in & out



  • 3. Awesome Place

    by: mtmera

    This place is great! I would highly recommend it to anyone. Dr. Frishman does acupuncture and low cost orthopedic surgery as well as the other regular vet stuff. He also does house calls if necessary.


    Small, convenient, friendly, high tech