Professional Farrier Services - Pat Burton C.j.f. Horse Shoeing & Trimming

755 North Burleson Boulevard
Burleson, TX 76028

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Knowledgeable group of hoof care specialists

    by: Mbair

    Pat Burton and the staff at did such an excellent job in returning my foundered horse to soundeness. I was reffered to Mr Burton by a coworker who has also used his horseshoeing service for many years. When I contacted him he asked me the history of Pete and gave me a feeling that he really cared about my horse. He insisted that with a foundered horse we needed to work with a equine veterinarian and have digital xray images of the feet to evaluate the damage. After consulting with my Veterinarians Dr. Kevin Beam and Dr. Caleb Vaughn at Alvarado Veterinary Clinic, Mr Burton discussed the treatment options and possible followup. They used techniques that I had not even read about in my internet search about this disease. They first treated pete with purple support material that was kept in place by their hoof poultice wrap we changed it every two days for two weeks. Next they put a vettech support that was glued onto the hoof, it looked weird but Pete responded immediatley and within weeks was trotting around the pasture. I am thankful for these professionals and their great care and concern for my animal. Pete is now fully recovered and we are using Easy Boots when we ride him on trails.


    Willingness to do the very best for your horse



  • 2. Petsmart Nail Trimming

    by: squeaky3

    Petsmart is the best for a quick toenail trimming. I am afraid to hurt Roxy and don't like to trim her toenails since i Have heard from people you can make them bleed and it can be very painful for them. Petsmart is fast, caring and they know how to do it and I have had nothing but the best experience there.


    Knowledgeable & Caring