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  • 1. Mobile Pet Grooming Services

    by: BATWOMAN003A

    I am writing this review in the hope that it will bring to light the horrible situation I experienced over the past couple of days with a mobile pet grooming service. We have (or I should say had) this wonderful 30 pound mixed dog named BO that was a gentle and healthy animal until last Sunday 9/9/12 when I regrettably contacted a mobile pet grooming service owned and operated by a man named Ernesto Serpa. My wife had picked up a business card from this man with a telephone number of (305) 528-7682 & (305) 279-2425 owned and operated by Ernesto Serpa. An appointment was made for BO at 4:30 pm for a bath and a hair trim. Thirty minutes later, when he returned the dog, BO was bleeding from deep wounds on his hind leg, chest and just behind the left ear including a deep laceration just below his right eye. The man claims the dog got away from him and tried to enter the gated fence surrounding my property. Our property is surrounded by an ornamental fence with no place for a dog of his size to crawl under. I don't know how my dog could become so badly hurt but these injuries happened inside the van he was driving. A police report with Miami-Dade Police was filed. BO was taken to the Animal Clinic where they informed me that his injuries were so severe they could not understand how he could have gotten these types of injuries while trying to crawl under a fence or a thorn bush as he (the groomer) first claimed had occurred. In fact, the wounds were so severe, that the vet advised that the injured hind leg would have to be amputated and that the risk of infection was eminent. BO had to have emergency surgery in order to repair the injuries sustained while under this individuals care. $600+ dollars later, my wife contacted the groomer to advise him of the outstanding vet bill and the groomer went on to curse, insult and threaten my wife with bodily harm if we were to contact him again. He indicated that he knew where we lived and would come and shoot my wife. He later called me and threaten me as well with bodily harm. A police report with Miami-Dade Police was filed. That afternoon, I was contacted by the vet who informed me that BO had an unknown skin condition that his chances for survival were slim as precipitated by his injuries. BO was put to sleep on 9/11/12. I have little information to go by on this individual but for certain, he does not have a license registered under his name with Miami-Dade’s Animal Services to render pet grooming services which I would have thought it is necessary for a mobile pet grooming service to have. I don’t know if this is an isolated case but I have to be believe that there other people out there performing mobile pet grooming services without a license, untrained to handle pets and basically doing a lot of damage out there to our pets and pet owners need to be warned.