Princess anne veterinary hospital

2492 holland road
Virginia beach, VA 23453
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  • 1. I switched to another veterinary hospital

    by: bostons4ever

    I was really happy with the vet @ this hospital. We saw her multiple times and she was very thorough and friendly and professional.\r\n\r\nI WAS NOT happy with one of the veterinary technicians & how she handled one of my dogs. I am a f/t veterinary student and I just felt uncomfortable with her.\r\n\r\nAlso, I wanted to bring in one of my dogs for ticks and it was unusual b/c I had found Female Texas Longhorn ticks on my dog which is not common for this area. When I called, the receptionist said oh just pull them off your dog and its probably deer or dog ticks. Like I mentioned b/4, I'm a F/T VT student and I already knew what type of ticks were on him. In fact, I brought him to a different Veterinary Hospital and the vet there confirmed it. We have been going to the new Veterinary Hospital ever since.\r\n\r\nLast, but not least, I would receive cards in the mail saying that my dogs were due for different shots when they were not due. Some of the shots were yearly shots, yet I would receive the cards every couple of months?\r\n\r\nTo finalize, I would reccommend the Vet there. She was professional, pleasant, well spoken, and knowledgable. It is definitely a clean environment. However, I did not like one of the Veterinary Technicians in how she would handle my dog, I did not like the response I received when I called to have my dog checked for ticks, and lastly, I didn't appreciate receiving cards in the mail saying that my dogs were due for certain shots when they were not.


    I liked my vet here


    I was not happy with a certain veterinary technician