Prince William Emergency Veterinary Clinic

8610 Centerville Rd
Manassas, VA 20110
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  • 1. STAY AWAY

    by: Jeffhubb

    NEVER, NEVER take your pet to this place. We had a dog that was showing symptoms of having a hard time breathing. I will say they did take her in quickly and look at her. Then Dr. Smith came out and presented us with all kinds of options for tests to run, the costs just for the tests he wanted to run were in the $500+ range. Never mind what treatment would cost. We were provide no real help in deciding what tests would be best. At the end it was recommended to have a blood work up. His diagnoses, diabetes. She never showed any signs before of this so he recommended fluids and then take her home and to our vet in the morning. Well she died that night from hemorrhaging in the lungs. I'm no vet but I would have thought that simply listening to her breath through his stethoscope should have told him there was fluid build up in her lungs. Hind sight is 20/20 but these folks are quacks in my opinion. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO SHELL OUT A LOT OF MONEY AND THEN YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE THE MEDICAL DIAGNOSES BECAUSE THEY WON'T FOR FEAR OF BEING SUED. DOESN'T ONE GO TO A VET/DOCTOR BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE VALID ADVICE????


    Quick to examine your pet


    Just want to take you money, couldn't diagnose anything