Prevent A Litter Connection

P.o. Box 176
Madisonville, TN 37354

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  • 1. Moble spay/ neuter clinic

    by: JadieMaesMom

    P.A.L. Connection is a moble spay/ neuter clinic that visits various places in southern east Tennessee. I know they service McMinn and Monroe Counties, but may also visit other counties. I sceduled my visit through the McMinn County animal shelter. They visit the shelter once a month. The cost is about half the price of a traditional vet clinic. They also do booser shots and rabies vaccines. They will not keep you pet overnight, so you are responsible for aftercare. This is a great sevice for responsible pet owners who are on a tight budget, or are caring for several pets at once. Unfortuately, they were unable to spay my puppy because of a very bad heart murmur, but now that i know about it, I will take her to a traditional vet clinic to have her checked out. I am greatful that they diagnosed her, and were very helpful and compassionate about the situation.


    spay and neuter, shots at a reduced rate


    They only visit once a month, so you must plan ahead