Preston county animal shelter

#3 poor farm rd.
Kingwood , WV 26537

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  • 1. Not so sure about this place?

    by: kls1515

    I have recently just adopted a small dachsaund mix puppy from the preston county animal shelter.. the day after I brought him home I saw dry spots on his skin, I thought it was just from the heat.. a few days later I found out he has ringworm, but it was to late, my other dog and 2 cats have already been infected. I am very dissapointed that they would give a dog away with this problem, they did apologize and sounded concerned, but I guess there is nothing else they can really do. sad huh?


    I love my puppy



  • 2. This shelter helps a lot of pets

    by: eslider

    This shelter is the only one in a huge county. The also helped a ton of animals when the star ranch rescue was found to be in violation of animal neglect and this shelter took over caring for hundreds of animals all at once. I congratulate them for a job well done.


    They help a lot of animals



  • 3. great use of petco

    by: juliawv

    They make great use of petco to try and find homes for their kittens.


    close to me


    closed a lot of the time

  • 4. kudos to this shetler for saving star ranch animals

    by: pslider

    this shelter has a lot of good volunteers and really reached out to the community to get donations and to rescue all the animals from the star ranch incident. I am sure that must have been overwhelming at the time, and you really did a great job asking to community and all the local vets to donate their time towards helping the animals. This is what a shelter is truly about and you really came through in a time of need for so many animals.


    Went all out to save hundreds of animals from the star ranch rescue



  • 5. Volunteers

    by: pcas

    Without the support of the Volunteers and the help in the shelter and behind the scenes, Preston County Animal Shelter would not be where it is today.\r\n The statement "It takes a Village", is so true.\r\n \r\n I can never thank the volunteers enough for all they do for the many animals we recieve in.\r\n\r\n Our Volunteers have helped to save, care for, and find forever homes for so many.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n


    Always very supportive of our little shelter. Dedication



  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: Uriah2006

    My fiancee, being the animal lover that she is, sucked me into volunteering at the shelter as well. I was a little iffy at first but she insisted. I'm really glad I decided to help out. Everyone is so nice and we have fun adopting cats out at Petco. We've even started taking dogs to Petco as long as I'm not off on military duty. My only complaint is that Brandi gives me the big sad eyes every week because she wants ALL of the animals.


    It has a wide variety of adoptable pets!


    My fiancee once to take everyone of them home when we go up to do volunteer work

  • 7. It Takes a Village

    by: fstevens4

    The saying "it takes a village," is true for our animal population as well. The problem of pet overpopulation is not solely the responsibility of the animal control facility and the volunteers who spend countless hours trying to find them responsible, loving homes. This is a community welfare issue. \r\n All residents of Preston County who claim to be "animal lovers" must find their own way to contribute to the welfare of our homeless and owned pets. Rescuing does not stop at signing the adoption papers and taking your animal home. We must continue to learn how to better care for our pets and make them a priority in our lives. \r\n Also, we must share our knowledge and information with our neighbors. There are spay/neuter vouchers for residents of Preson County. Please take advantage of these offers while they last. Please keep your pets properly identified and housed. Please vaccinate and give preventive care. Please love them for their lifetime. Please spread the word that very loving, very worthy pets come to Preston County Animal Shelter every day who would thrive under proper care and training. \r\n Call 329-3461 for more information.


    dedicated volunteers work hard for the animals


    not enough volunteers, more resources needed

  • 8. Wonderful Pets That Need Adopted

    by: FFAsoftball7

    Everyone at the shelter is really nice..and the animals are always so cute. Everyone can find a pet from the Preston County Animal Shelter within time....we get in wide varieties of animals...from cats and dogs to pot-bellied pigs!


    The volunteers and staff are always willing to help out and give out their knowledge


    We get way too many animals coming in from around the county.

  • 9. Hardwork and dedication

    by: jroth

    This little shelter is amazing because of the dedication of the staff and volunteers that hold it together. I am so impressed with the devotion of its affiliates and the number of animals they have been able to place in homes and rescues. Amazing! Everyone of them deserves a metal! :)


    Dedicated hard working volunteers. Resourceful and devoted to helping the animals in their care.


    understaffed, underfunded

  • 10. Volunteers Needed!

    by: WVSher

    The PCAS is working hard to be the "little shelter that could," with our PETCO adoption events, adoption days at the shelter, and working with rescue groups. \r\n\r\nBut we need the community's help, because despite all our efforts, there just aren't enough homes or rescues to save all of Preston County's relinquished pets.\r\n\r\nPLEASE spay/neuter your pets, including any domestic animals you are "just feeding." Adopt responsibly, only if you are able to care for the pet its entire life, provide humane care and plenty of human interaction, and have your pets spayed or neutered to help control pet overpopulation in our county. \r\n\r\n*** Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die!***


    Hard working staff and dedicated but few volunteers


    Small staff, very high intake (not shelter's fault)

  • 11. knowledgable staff

    by: ultrapink

    the people really care about the animals and are trying to make a difference, but they are faced with a county that doesn't always value animals and limits resources given to the shelter.


    staff is great and willing to help.. really care about the animals


    not a lot of room for the animals- need more resources

  • 12. My FOREVER friend!

    by: rcarpen2

    See the above pros. Overall a great staff, who is willing to work with you, and most importantly willing to work hard for their animals!!


    Great Staff members, who truly care about the animals. I met my bestfriend Moe, almost a year ago to the day. He was a rescue kitten from Preston County, and available for adoption in Morgantown at an adoption day. I know they are in desperate need of space their, but their loyal and caring staff do their best to see only the best for the animals. I was very impressed with knowledge and customer service! If you are looking for a forever friend, look to Preston Co. Animal Shelter!!!


    They need more room, and renovations- - what else is new in the world of animal shelters though?