Presque Isle Animal Hospital

79 Mapleton Rd
Presque Isle, ME 04769

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. it's all about money!

    by: Joe

    With this hospital it's all about the money not the welfare of the pet.


    good vet tech


    need some caring classes

  • 2. Awesome Vets!

    by: GodsDaughter

    I have taken all my animals to them for as long as I can remember. They treat the animals humanly and they actually know the animals names when you get there and they talk to them. \r\nThey are very knowledgable and have help me over the phone when I've had a dog eat a cat toy they told me what to do and they didn't even have to see her. They rock!


    They are so good with the animals


    There aren't any!

  • 3. Not my friendly neighborhood vet

    by: LCote

    I no longer go this vet even though it is closer to where I live. I owed this vet $18.00 once. Keep this in mind for a second while the stroy unfolds. I was taking care of a friends cat while she was away on vacation. The cat got so sick and lethargic. It was a Saturday and I called this vet. I left a message as this office is not typically open on weekends. The voice service instructed me to leave a message and if it was an emergency they would get back to me. 6 hours later they finally did. I told them what was going. They told me they would call me back when they got to the office. An hour later after they apparently looked up my records they called back. They in no uncertain terms informed me that I owed them $18.00 and that they would not see this animal because of my bad credit. That I would have to pay for the emergency services up front. The fee was around $90-100. I did not have the money to pay the fee and I also re-told them that this was not my cat that it was my friends and in my care until she returned. I expressed my concern that I was worried it would die without vet care. They reiterated that unless I was to pay the fee plus my $18.00 that they could do nothing. I was livid. They would let my friends cat die because I owed $18.00. After waiting for 10 hours they would do nothing. The cat was so so sick, not eating or drinking and breathing very laboriously. I immediately called North Country Animal Hospital in Caribou (the town next to Presque Isle). It was around 7.p.m. Saturday night. I left an emergency message. 10 minutes later they called back and 5 minutes after that I was on my way to their office. The vet there was so concerned and outraged at the vet in P.I. She did everything she could for the cat. The kitty lived long enough to see her owner come visit. Shortly after that she died. I have NEVER taken any of my current pets to the Presque Isle Animal Hospital again!


    None over any other vet


    Care more about the money than pets

  • 4. Thanks PI Animal Hospital

    by: chrystalcat

    I take our pet cat to this animal hospital for check-ups and shots. It's a great facility and we are fortunate to have these services available to us in our community!


    Close by and easy to get to...great reminders when it's time for a visit!



  • 5. Great Animal Hospital

    by: Betsy

    This hospital has been really great in working with the Central Aroostook Humane Society.They always find the time to squeeze in any of our animals that come in needing Vet. care.They have always been more then willing to explain everything to us in detail.They have great vet techs. and secretaries. They are all very friendly.




    Not enough time in a day

  • 6. Great Place

    by: Mereloo

    Have been customers of PIAH for about 12 years, have always been very pleased with everything!


    Knowledgable, friendly staff


    Long way for me to travel

  • 7. Vet

    by: Mendo

    The pet care was good but to me the wait was long and the service was very fast food like,as if you were just another appointment to get thru.Maybe it was just a busy day,but the experience made me look elsewhere for a vet for my "kids"


    Good care


    long wait,seemed mechanical

  • 8. good facility

    by: ptaws

    A great little vet. I take my five cats here regularly for their exams, shots, and other visits as needed. The staff seems to show concern for my pets and are usually friendly.\r\n\r\nWhen I make an appointment, however, I regularly try to be there on time and before and certainly have to not have anything planned for an hour or so afterwards. If my appointment is scheduled at 10am then I can plan on not getting in to be seen by the vet technician until close to 10:45 or 11 (or so), and then I don't usually leave until about 11:15 or so. Time scheduled between appointments usually leads to a semi-filled waiting room, and you will almost never get in at your exact appointment schedule time.\r\n\r\nIf I have had options of not getting shots that aren't required, or canceling a check-up on a previous treatment I have not usually been informed of such an option. When I bring my cats in with the understanding of what shots they will get, I usually end up getting charges on my bill that I was not expecting.\r\n\r\nThe staff is rather friendly, and one associate there in particular named Liz is very friendly and helpful. Never have encountered a rude or grumpy technician working.


    friendly, knowledgeable staff, convenient location


    not usually informed of alternatives and choices available, cost, only 1 exam room, regularly behind on schedule