Precious secrets sheltie rescue

6690 hamilton rd.
Middletown, OH 45044

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Paradise for Shelties

    by: PattyWeaver5

    I have volunteered at this rescue for two years. Pam and Cathy are wonderful. They treat these shelties like children. They aren't kept in cages, they reside in rooms where they can walk around. They receive food, water, medication, shelter, playtime, vet visits, professional grooming and lots of love. Pam and Cathy work constantly to find homes them. If they aren't adopted they live the rest of their lives with Pam and Cathy, so in a way they are adopted the second they walk into PSSR.


    No small cages, food, shelter, big yards, lots of love



  • 2. Very Precious

    by: AuntB3

    The Ladies that operate PSSR accept all dogs in need. Some other organizations only take adoptable animals, but these angels take all. Many dogs come to this rescue that are practically unadoptable because of serious medical conditions, age, behaviour problems, puppy mill dogs, etc. Pam and Cathy take them in and try to find families for them. The ones that cannot be placed live in a great facility with spacious kennels and acres of fenced in pastures to run and play in. I adopted my first rescue from PSSR, a 12 yr old mommy dog and her 11 yr old son, both deaf. I only intended to transport them from a shelter in NW Ohio, but fell in love with them inroute and returned to take them home a few weeks later. Since then I have been allowed to adopt 5 more precious shelties. They have taught me so much. I am greatful every day for people like Cathy and Pam for doing such great work for these little ones!


    Lovely lovely area


    Too far from me!