Portage animal protective league

8122 infirmary rd.
Ravenna, OH 44266
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Where I found George

    by: lovethatdog

    I volunteered here for a little while. It was a good shelter, I still donate there often. I adopted my great dog George from this shelter. A good place to get a dog or cat. Very caring and Knowledgeable staff. A nice place to volunteer too.


    Animals are well taken care of here


    Could use more room for more animals

  • 2. Wonderful Shelter

    by: songwolves

    This is a wonderful shelter. The employees are full of love & go beyond being "employees". They are family to the animals, even though it's only temporary family. They quite often volunteer their days off, donate out of their own pockets. I'm very bad at this, so that's all I have to say.


    The love there is unlimited


    Lack of funding like so many shelters

  • 3. Very Friendly Staff, Highly Adoptable Dogs & Cats

    by: ohiobateman

    I just started volunteering with this organization and love the staff. They're very honest and hardworking. They enjoy the animals and do what's necessary to find the right fit for each animal. Thoroughly test the animals and works with each as time permits to have the animals very adoptable.


    High intensity screening of animals, very friendly staff


    Need more room - bursting, need more money

  • 4. my dream pup!

    by: stellar124

    i went in to the apl one day with my mother-in-law.....there was a cage of puppies,that werem't old enough yet(or so the cage said). as we were about to leave,one of the staff members said to another that they were ready for adoption. I found the littlest one,the runt,and fell in love!! they were so helpful and friendly,and i had my new puppy!!! i lvoe her so much,and she turned 3 today! happy birthday emma!!


    found the puppy of my dreams


    couldnt take them all : (

  • 5. Great Facility

    by: bdavis

    I have volunteered at a local Human Society similar to that of the Portage Animal Protective league. I volunteered for the Geauga human society where i cleaned out both cat, dog, rabbit and even ferret kennels/holding contraptions. I also walked the dogs in which they have a very nice wooded area with well kept paths. I was going to volunteer for the Portage facility but ran into time constraints and didnt follow through. I continuously heard good things which is why I wanted to help out. I have visited many times and have enjoyed each time i went.


    All around a good facility, very clean, had all my questions answered, and the staff was very kind and didnt give me the impression that i was "just another person walking through".


    A bigger facility would always be nice.

  • 6. Winston finding a home!

    by: bkdjm

    In March 07, I went to the Portage APL , In search of a female puppy. I came home with Winston a 7 or so month old male dog. The staff was very friendly and must have taken very good care of him as he was lovable and sociable right from the start. I was worried about getting a younger dog instead of a puppy. But it has turned out to be great. I didn't have to go through all of that puppy mischief. He was housetrained already and he didn't really want to chew on anything besides his toys.I hadn't had a dog in years and now I wonder WHY? Winston has been the BEST companion, now that my kids are almost grown, I can spend quality time with him. I know that he appreciates a good home. Thank you to all the shelter staff for providing a caring and stable atmosphere for the animals.\n Kim Miklich\n


    Everybody was helpful.


    website needs to add what type of volunteers are needed