Pooch Chicago

2307 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. posh

    by: Cate

    Although I haven't been here with our dog, what I have heard is good so far. I know that the facility is posh and pampers dogs. I also know that it isn't cheap. I read the other review here and was interested to hear what they had to say, but haven't heard bad things about this place elsewhere....






    by: CHIMICHELLE0610

    Brought my Lovely Cavalier there for Daycare and /"SPAW" day. The asked me to chnage my reservation from Sat to Fri-and then charge me for both the "Spaw" special and daycare. When I arrived I did not have vet records- they told me to have the vet call, and the blonde women yells over and tell the handler to put my dog in holding. I called over to verify that they talked to my vet, and the woman said yes. To my surprise, my VET phoned me and said they could not reach anyone and left several messages. So I was lied to.\r\n\r\nAs for the "spaw' day- yes my baby was bathed- but his nails were not clipped which was part of the service. \r\n\r\nIn summation, rude employees who lie and then do not perform the service you pay for!\r\n


    Front facade of the building has the resemblence of a beautiful home


    The Blonde woman at the front desk is rude