Polo Grounds Dog Park

2255 Huntington Avenue
Aptos, CA 95003

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Good park-concerned dog owners

    by: ginlana

    Lots of room to run Nice people. Nice dogs. Shade and water. No complaints except what i hear about dog illness sometime. Vaccinate your pet before you go there.


    Large dog and little dog areas


    rumor has it there is a strange dog illness there

  • 2. Rough and Tumble

    by: Terabibble

    This dog park is in a location that is easy to get to once you know where it is...\r\nThere is a dog water fountain (no water dishes here) that is good since the water is always fresh as long as someone stands there and pushes the button for water. I notice that even if thirsty dogs are standing there wanting water, and even if people are standing nearby, they often don't push the button...especially if it's not their dog. This doesn't happen always, but why does it happen at all? \r\nThere aren't a lot of balls, frisbees, or ropes left here for play (as is the case at the Scotts Valley dog park), so be prepared to bring your own toys.\r\nThe people seem 'interesting' here... weird vibes and often very rough and unruly dogs with very little instruction from their people about manners. And I'm not talking about normal dog play and interactions... but rather extreme pushiness and over-the-top play. If your dog is socialized and trained, you probably won't have much trouble here, just be prepared for those who aren't.\r\nThe size of the park is good, all dirt with some wood chips mixed in. There are benches and chairs ffor the people, and a shade cover. Small dog section is available and it is small in size, too. When I've been at this park, the small dog side seems rather empty. There's plenty of parking. There's a short trail nearby around a field that requires a leash though I've seen lots of off leash dogs walking it with their person. There's a large soccer field and and very small BMX bike area here, too, in case you have kids or spouse who would rather play there instead of at the dog park with you and the pooch.


    Large-ish area for top speed play


    Odd vibe

  • 3. Dogs like it there

    by: djmoser

    We used to go pretty often, and the dogs always had a great time running at top speed, chasing the ball, etc. Usually no hassles with other dogs, but occasionally some of the dog energy didn't mix well. Met lots of nice people, too. Didn't like finding unattended dog poo, which happened occasionally.


    dogs have fun


    kinda messy, especially after rain

  • 4. Kind of a wierd vibe

    by: metallicasgrl

    Ok, so there are a few fanatical dog owners there that just cant seem to leave you be and let your dog run around. For example: A few weeks ago I was there, sitting there minding my own buisness, when my dog Tambre runs up to me and jumps onto my lap immediately followed by a 90 lb lab. The lab proceeds to mount my 30 lb dog on my lap. I shoved the lab off of me and my dog. The woman immediatly scolds me and says " you need to let the dogs act like dogs here". I replied with " Not on my lap I dont". This woman was wandering around shoving her advice in peoples faces as if they were there for lessons in dogisms. It was quite annoying and made for a not so relaxing afternoon. Not to mention, the owner of the super mounting dog refused to keep his unfixed dog from mounting everyone and everything in it site. I though that was quite rude and it made my normally social dog quite nervous. For now on its all about the Scotts Valley dog park.


    big area


    the people