Planned Pethood Plus

4170 Tennyson St
Denver, CO 80212

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. My Vets

    by: beverly231

    This has been my vets office for over 20 years. We have had several pets cared for by these vets and have been very satisfied with their service to us. However, what makes them special is the love they have showed for our animals. After we had to put our beloved beagle to sleep, Kerry sat on the floor and cried with all of us because she loved Max as much as we did and had cared for him since he was a puppy.


    The doctors


    Small Offices

  • 2. Great place!

    by: rescueadog

    They are fighting the pet overpopulation fight, go planned pethood!


    promote spay/neutering



  • 3. Require Spay/Neuter!!!!!

    by: alleyzipzero

    The best thing about this clinic is that they require their patients to be spayed and neutered to be seen. They will see them the first time without it but if you want their services on a regular basis you have to spay or neuter. The staff here is great. They've had a couple pets of the staff hanging out whenever I've been in which is nice. I really do like it here. And they are a low cost clinic!


    Friendly staff


    No ER