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  • 1. Pitts Pack Leading is EXCELLENT for Dog training/boarding

    by: novia123

    I left my 2 1/2 year old lab mix dog in the care of Josh Pitts over the February Valentine's day weekend. Immediately my dog took a liking to him and she did not appear timid or shy around him like she does around men sometimes so I appreciated the way he approached her when he first met her. One of the reasons I chose his service over a vet boarding/sitting service was because his service offered walks twice a day, and my dog needs at least that because she is fairly active and entergetic. I could tell when meeting him that he would make an effort to accommodate her needs and he did. He seemed to genuinely care and like my dog and did not ap pear to be offering his services solely for the money. I expected he would fulfill his obligation of walking her twice a day for about half an hour, maybe longer if he could. But I left her with him for 3 nights and each day I called him or he called me for brief updates on her behavior. I wanted to know because I had only left her overnight once before and it didnt go that well with the service I left her with. Josh told me he had taken her with his dog scout group of dogs to Bidwell park and she had had a chance to run off leash, which I greatly appreciated, because that gave her even more opportunity to exercise and expend her energy. Then, when he returned her to me at home, she was so calm, happy and relaxed, I couldn't believe it. I try to meet her needs for exercise, discipline and affection, but Josh was MAGIC for my dog! She was happy to see me but kept looking at him and standing near him even after we were in the house, so it was obvious she had taken a great liking and bonded with him during her 3 night stay. I felt absolute joy because I could see he had been more than a positive influence with her behaviorally and socially and adding positive humane discipline and affection while exercising. He had gone above and beyond my expectations of what a boarding/sitting dog service should be like. He thoroughly explained what she had been like during her stay with him and answered all my questions patiently. He was very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with and really seemed to enjoy his profession. Now I know that a good exercise service for dogs should involve the right amount of exercise as well as kind correction, kind and firm voice commands and lots of verbal praise, and some treats too. My dog really did come home happier and calmer, and behaved better for me as well. I can highly recommend PItts Pack Leading as the best professional pet service I can imagine. Thank you Josh!


    Josh offers so many professional services and activities


    Don't know of any

  • 2. Fantastic Service

    by: ncacy

    Pitts Pack Leading Dog Exercise is a great service. I was feeling guilty about leaving my dog home alone and I don't anymore. I know that my dog is being walked by a professional trainer, not just a dog walker. I come home to a happy, tired dog!


    Prompt, professional, dog trainer, excellent results


    Your dog may like Josh more than you!

  • 3. Excellent

    by: chicinmudd

    Not only is this trainer very knowledgable but he knows how to interact with dogs and gets them to respond quickly. I was very impressed with how quickly my dog listened to him. Exercise and socialization are very important in helping your dog be the best dog they can be and good citizens.


    super knowledgable, friendly, helpful



  • 4. Great 1hr walk n' train packages

    by: PittsPackLeading



    Happy dogs are peaceful dogs.