Pima animal control center

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Tucson, AZ 85745
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User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Please Help

    by: allyquijada

    Please I used to volunteer there and it kills me to see all the posts of animals I left behind. Knowing that they get a HIGH POWERED HOSE in there kennel about once a day. And during there stay most never have a caring person hold them...love them. The only time they have human contact is during feeding time when they get a bowl thrown at them, and when the kind and loving and ever so caring dog walkers come and take them out of there cages. Most cages are to narrow for a large dog to lay horizontally! Or a mother to really streach out and feed her pups!! Not even the "beds" they provide fit horizontally!! Yeah very small cages, and they throw up to 3 dogs in each one. If there a small or medium breed it's up to 6 a kennel!! The beds they provide are solid HARD PLASTIC! That they spray down once a day! They really need A MAJOR MAKEOVER!! Please please help them! What really killed me was when they were to crouded and they had to find things wrong with the dogs, and I was the one taking them to U-bay or Euthanasia bay.....And looking a dog or puppy in the eyes and knowing that there journey was over, because "There was no room". I remember telling the dog or pup right before i put them in to the U-Kennel "It's okay don't be scared, it all gets better after the shot." I would bend over and give them the only hug that they ever had, in there life! Please don't let this happen, we can help and make sure that this NEVER NEVER happens to any dog or pup ever!! This shelter needs you!!The dogs are counting on you!! To them this sis not just a contest.......It's LIFE OR DEATH!


    They have FAR more animals come thru there doors then any other shelter in Tucson!


    They use a High Power Hose to clean kennels :(

  • 2. Overworked and Underpaid

    by: lovinthedogs

    We adopted a puppy from FAIR, an organization started by 2 PCAC employees who did not want to put down the animals that weren't adopted. Some of the employees do care, but their hands are tied.


    Some of the staff truly love the animals


    No support from city government, no funds

  • 3. They are doing the best they can

    by: ashley1angus

    When I went to adopt a dog, I came here and a very nice guy showed me around. I couldn't decide which of the hundreds of dogs to adopt so I asked him which one he thought i should take and he pointed to a big furry brown mutt. We took him outside to visit and he spent most of the time looking at the other dogs who were out for their walks. It was clear that this dog, and probably all of the dogs at this shelter are in need of more space. Angus (as he is now called) was living in a tiny kennel with three other dogs. I decided to adopt him. Once we got him home and cleaned up, it was clear that he was possibly the most handsome dog in the world. He is so well-behaved and has had no major health problems. He's my best friend! I love him and I'm so happy to have found him.


    Staff was friendly, adopted my wonderful dog from there


    Dirty, sad conditions that the dogs are living in

  • 4. Not a very good place

    by: tucsonazrealtor

    I have called numerous times to get assistance from Pima animal control, only to find someone on the other end of the line who is not friendly-and un-willing to help. I know this has to be a hard job, but I have yet to come in contact with anyone helpfull or willing to help. They just say over and over again that they are understaffed and can not keep up with the calls that come in. That is how I came in contact with The Humane Society Of Southern Arizona.. They took the time to help me find the answers and if that person did not have the answer, they found someone who did. Sorry to be so honest


    Help some of the animals


    Don't know where to start

  • 5. What did they do to deserve this

    by: nvrstr8

    The 1rst time I went to PACC I was looking for a cat that had gotten out of our new home through a broken door. I only stayed long enough to know my cat was not there. I was crying before I made it to my car. What a dismal place. I thought if I didn't find my cat I would not be able to go back there and look again. But I did for three weeks. On my 20 or 21rst visit I fell in love with two kittens who were very protective of each other one a whopping 2 1/2 lbs one 14 ounces they were siblings. the smaller was not eating and had diahrea. I knew she was in trouble so I adopted her. When I went to pick her up I brought my son to hold her. We were early so my son asked to see her brother who was probably still in the shelter. My son who had just had his 13 birthday was so sad that we were leaving her brother at the shelter that he gave me his birthday money so we could adopt him too, and we did. When I went to get our very little girl I was told that there were complications during her surgery and they didn't have a good outlook for her but I took her home anyway. We gave her pedialite with an eyedropper all night and by morning she ate a bite of soft food we kept up the fluids and when her brother came home that evening she stood purring at the dish next to him and began eating and we had a pretty good feeling she would be alright know. 3 years later they are beautiful healthy cats she weighs 16lbs he weighs 20lbs they are small miane coons we named Maya and Angelou. A few months later a friend said there was a cat at PACC who looked like our lost cat. It wasn't but somehow I had managed to adopt 3 puppies before I left there. I would take them all if I could, it breaks my heart seeing them there.


    Some animals here get adopted


    only some of these animals get adopted

  • 6. Not Impressed!

    by: mariamoose

    I called animal control for a neighbors dog several times. The last time that poor dog was skin and bones and was bleeding from her abdomen.On closer inspection,she had a tumor the size of an orange and that's where the blood was coming from.I should mention she was running loose in the neighborhood all the times I called.All they did was to return the dog to the owner.2 years later,it finally made it to court. We went to court on 3 different occasions to testify,but no one from animal control showed up.We were really disappointed.Have no idea how the dog is doing.


    They responded to my call


    Not helpful

  • 7. Do with what you have....

    by: dineriggs

    I can honestly say this facility is not the best. Pima County is not a wealthy county and believes Animal Care as a priority but the PACC employees work their hardest to make due with what they have. Some changes will happen within the next few years but its not gonna be soon enough to satisfy everyone. I say quit complaining and see that they animals are the important thing to this facility. I got my cat from this shelter, he came in as a kitten not old enough for adoption. I fostered him, hoping he'd get a good home once he's up for adoption but i didn't have the heart to let him go. He's an amazing cat that didn't have a previous responsible owner and now he's a spoiled cat with a loving owner. Remember there are ppl there at pima animal care center trying to make a difference but for a shelter we need support. Blaming a facility that is trying its best is not the way to go. Support your local shelter.


    Too many dogs


    Need a new facility

  • 8. We love our pound puppy!

    by: cazilet

    Everyone I know that has ever been to the Pima County "Pound" has left there feeling sad. For me, it's like this with any shelter because I want to take all of the poor animals home. \r\n\r\nThe thing about this shelter is that it is completely FILLED with animals, and it has the feel of a loud, smelly morgue. The smell of feces is always unbearable. Honestly, I've seen people walk in and right back out because they couldn't stand the smell. \r\n\r\nI think most of the staff in the kennels are volunteers, and they have limited knowledge and skills. There are always people there asking tons of questions that the volunteers can't answer, so they have to seek out someone that knows; therefore, sometimes your wait is a lot longer than expected. It seems that they are in such need of volunteers that they don't get enough training, but maybe more pets would be adopted if they did.\r\n\r\nFrom what I've seen, I think the PACC does what they can with what they're got, but they definitely need help. \r\n\r\nRegardless of everything, I was very pleased with my experience in adopting our dog. I spent every afternoon there for over a week when I was trying to find a dog, and after a couple of days, I did. We immediately formed a special bond, and I started hassling everyone in sight about adopting him. The story is a long one, but truly a happy one! If you really want to see how crazy I am about him and how incredibly spoiled he is, just see for yourself: \r\nhttp://www.dogster.com/dogs/491430\r\nDogster: the site for dog lovers


    many animals to choose from


    many animals to choose from

  • 9. Hopelessness

    by: karabeener

    I have never been so saddened by a place. It was like a concentration camp for dogs...It isn't the fault of those that work there so much as the problem of insufficient funds and resources, and a very out-of-date facility. These dogs don't have a chance - people don't want to enter the place because it is so heart-breaking, so those poor animals have to live out their last days in high-stress, filthy environments. Why is the shelter that is winning (in WA) one that is rated so highly? It has a rating of 4.5, so perhaps people are forgetting that the money should be going to a place that really needs it!


    Staff knows they need more resources and seemed to do the best they could


    Animals don't have a chance at being adopted since the conditions cause illness and behavioral problems

  • 10. This Shelter Needs Help!

    by: candan1023

    Messy, disgusting, horrible conditions. By far the worst shelter I've seen.


    The do help some animals...


    Horrible Conditions!

  • 11. Help these animals

    by: twitchdoberman

    This Shelter is the worst that I believe I have ever seen. I grew up in WA and being a big animal family we adopted from shelters and fostered animals. PACC is really trying. i wish i could volunteer but i don't have a car :( and live across town. but anyways the stench in that place looms of death. so many needless killing of so many sweet animals. I adopted my cat Serval from them just 1 hour before he was to be euthanized. he's the best cat I've ever owned. truly great animals are living in deplorable conditions then dying. at least make them more comfortable, more people would be attracted to them because it's cleaner they'd see a better glimpse of the animal's real personality. and if they reach their time limit at least they were comfortable while there. please help this shelter.


    sweet animals a few nice people


    dirty, overpacked

  • 12. deplorable

    by: humorme7

    Absolutely heartbreaking facility. They never answer the phones, and when they do the staff are absolutely ridiculous and not close to offering any type of help. While there are reports of grant money, tax increases, etc going toward building a new facility, they remain in this facility. The volunteers absolutely kick major butt and the staff should take lessons from the volunteers. While they profess to be the "Pima Animal Care Center", it doesn't show that they care at all. Animals are deemed unadoptable for ridiculous reasons such as kennel cough or other minor illness which a treatment of antibiotics usually clears up.\r\n\r\nI got my latest guy from PACC and he was 2 hours from dying because of kennel cough...what a blessing for me.


    Volunteers are awesome!!!


    it's a gov't agency and it shows

  • 13. These Animals Deserve So Much Better

    by: ml

    These animals deserve better conditions than they are in at Pima Animal Control. Please consider adopting from here, though. There are many wonderful animals, but the conditions of the place and the staff are what make people not want to adopt from here.\n\nWillow is from Pima Animal Control. When I wanted to meet her it took a good 20 minutes to find someone to help me. She could not be adopted out for 3 days because she was a stray and the owner had time to claim her. When I went back on the day that I could adopt her (after giving my name and assuring them that I would be back) they couldn't find her. I almost had a heart attack! They had just moved her to another cage, but didn't know which one. The day that I picked her up she was spayed. When they brought her out to me they noticed that her stitches were opening up and they had to glue them shut, so I went home with a dog who had a nasty incision that wasn't even closed properly. My other dogs all had small, neat incisions that were done elsewhere. Not Willow. It took a long time to heal. They could have done a much better job. She was also supposed to be microchipped while getting spayed and they failed to do it. They told me I could bring her back but I declined. I had it done at the Humane Society.\n\nMy husband's dog, Kato, is also from Pima Animal Control. When we went to spend some time with him outside in the pen it took FOREVER to find someone to help us. Ok, not forever, but a good 45 minutes. A tech brought him out with us and instead of being courteous she answered her cell phone and sat there on her phone. It was obvious that Kato was already neutered, but the tech said he was not. I brought it to her attention that he most certainly was neutered and she insisted he was not. I asked her to check his paperwork and she again said he was not neutered. Well, the next morning a call came in to us saying that Kato could be picked up because he was already neutered. Duh! He could have gone home with us the day before. Are these really the people taking care of these animals?\n\nThe staff is completely unhelpful and nobody can answer your questions without going and finding somebody else who still can't answer your questions.\n\nThe volunteers seem very caring and many of them do their best to get these dogs adopted.\n\nWillow and Kato are wonderful dogs and like I said, there are so many wonderful animals waiting to be adopted at Pima Animal Control. Don't let the staff and conditions keep you from adopting from there.


    Caring Volunteers Who Do Their Absolute Best


    Horrible Customer Service, Unknowledgeable Staff, Dirty, Very Sad