Pike animal welfare shelter

4224 n. meridian road
Petersburg, IN 47567

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. This place really needs support

    by: hensleyturtles

    This facility provides a much needed service in a community that doesnt care about animal well being. It saddens me to think about how many animals in this county die of starvation and disease. With the shelter at maximum capacity perhaps the adoption policies could be evaluated to allow people to adopt at reduced fees or perhaps work off their adoption costs.


    The place is ran by animal lovers and it shows


    Maybe a little unrealistic in adoption policies

  • 2. Great Shelter!

    by: ZooGirl02

    This is a great shelter! They take in dogs and cats and they never kill unwanted animals! That is the best thing about this shelter. I can think of no cons to this shelter.


    No Kill Shelter!



  • 3. Lucky animals

    by: cjgaskins

    This shelter has fabulous volunteers who are always thinking about the animals. They need more help but they do not let that stop them from giving superior care.


    Great with the animals


    have difficulty getting older dogs adopted