Piedmont Park Dog Park

400 Park Drive Ne
Atlanta, GA 30306

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great setup

    by: mfuerst

    This park is set up really well. It's a great place for dogs to make friends and people to met other Atlanta-area pet owners.


    Large area, good parking



  • 2. Great Park for All Dogs

    by: zipnjulie

    My sister and I took 3 of our dogs to the park, and had a great time. I had 2 of my MinPins, and Marla had her Boston Terrier, so we went to the small dog park. I didn't like taking my small dogs through the big dog park, since the big dogs were loose, and apparently unsupervised. Fortunately, my Alpha vibe kept them away! The small dog park was nice, with double gates so no one could escape while someone else was entering. It had nice shade trees and water available. Everybody was friendly and genuinely interested in one another's dogs. It was a difficult climb down a rocky hillside and even worse back up, as it was hard not to slip. Nice people helped us when we had trouble, though. Dog people are just so good to one another...usually.


    Well divided by size of dog


    Not enough parking

  • 3. oh piedmont..

    by: Brodymylove89

    i would really love this park if people paid closer attention to their own dogs. its got a great set up.. HUGE!


    lots of dogs and ppl to play with!


    ppl dont watch their own dogs.