Piedmont Park

400 Park Drive Northeast
Atlanta, GA

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Love this park

    by: mfuerst

    I'm glad this is part of the city...lots of fun!





  • 2. Needs some shade!

    by: kmcneele

    Whenever I take my dogs here, they seem bored after the first 10 minutes. They like to meet other dogs, but that is about all there is to do...I feel like this park was built more for the humans than the dogs. The owners will be too busy sitting on the rocks reading a book or talking to other humans to even notice when their dogs start to fight with other dogs, try to hump other dogs, or poop everywhere. Also, many of the owners do not clean up after their dogs so I feel like I have to constantly be on the lookout to make sure I do not step in poop. In the summer, this park is no good for the dogs because there is no shade whatsoever. Whenever I go to this park, there seems to be some sort of a dog fight, so I always keep my small beagles in the little dog area. The only reason I continue coming to this park is because it is securely fenced and there are always a lot of other dogs for mine to play with (until they get bored and have nothing else to do). I just wish there was a stream or at least some trees!


    Always a lot of dogs to play with; securely fenced.


    Careless owners, no shade, no water to play in, poop everywhere.

  • 3. Great Park

    by: pseudoestheastro

    I love piedmont park, and the dog park is just as great as the main park area. The dog park is never too crowded and my dog loves to play inside


    not too crowded, nice spot


    owners can be negligent

  • 4. Decent Attempt

    by: jamiatwood

    I want to like Piedmont Dog Park more than I have been able to so far. \nI enjoy walking Buttercup on the leash around the main park area a lot more than I like letting her loose in the fenced dog area. Maybe I've just had bad experiences with people not paying attention to what their dog was doing.


    fenced and accessorized


    too many aggressive dogs; not enough maintenance