Picayune Veterinary Clinic

2507 Highway 43 S
Picayune, MS

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Dr. Dean Stringfellow saved our Princess! How much more could you ask?

    by: wildchildsmom

    I took Princess to see Dr. Dean because she no longer ate and didn't even play. After bloodwork was done right there on-site it was revealed Princess was smack dab in the middle of liver failure! He prescribed liver pills, anti-biotics, and placed her on Science Diet A/D which I had to syringe feed her for 2 months. He gave her a 20% chance of living. I prayed and prayed and gave her lots of love and fed her well and low and behold, it is now 5 years later and this kitty who only had a 20% chance of living is fat and happy with us and our 7 others!


    up to date equipment, professional staff, uniformed



  • 2. Nice Vet

    by: peezlie

    We used to take our pets there when we lived in Mississippi. The vet is nice, but the services and products are on the pricey side.


    Nice vet