Petsmart Groomers

Strabane Square
Washington, PA 15301

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. great for cats with claws

    by: sconna

    Our cats have their claws and we didn't feel comfortable trimming them.\r\nThe people at PetSmart were unbelievable! Our cat didn't even have time to realize that his claws were being cut. She was fast! Also, they cleaned his ears out, which was an unexpected bonus!\r\n


    great staff


    wish it was cheaper

  • 2. Excellent work

    by: kimmybry8407

    My wife used to trim our toy poodle,Lucky, herself and always managed to gouge him deeply in a couple spots. I was encouraged by the fact that it was only hair. Taking him to PetsMart they were able to shave him much shorter than my wife and I were, and they sculpted him to look like an actual traditional poodle. In fairness I will say that when my wife checked him over at home afterwards she did find a couple of small nicks. However I believe this is more the fault of the dog since it occurred at two different PetsMarts and with two different groomers. He hates having his face and right rear leg clipped, and that's where the nicks were. For future reference we'll make sure that we inform the groomers of this so they will be more prepared or at least less surprised should he make an unexpected jiggle.


    excellent work


    not cheap

  • 3. Recommend to anyone

    by: Beeju

    This is the 1st time I'd used this groomer, just got a new dog in need of a fast grooming hair cut-all tangles and jaggers. Looked completely different when he was picked up-nice short hair an smelled really nice,even had teeth brushed.\r\nThe girl who cut him said he was excellant for a dog who never had anything done like that before.\r\nThe cost was $ 61.00 an worth every dime. Very caring people work at this place.


    very good with shitz zhu


    gentle, caring