Pets without parents - mason county

P.o. box 166
Easton, IL 62662
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Caring, compassionate, loving...

    by: KJtheChickenLady

    The people I have met through Pets Without Parents of Mason County have been true animal lovers. They are organized, friendly, caring, compassionate, and do thier best to see that each little furkid is placed in just the right home.


    Compassionate, loving, dedicated, honest volunteers who really care about the animals in need.



  • 2. PWP

    by: Mianomar

    The people at PWP are great! We got our two kittens from them and wouldn't know what to do without them. Thanks to PWP for all your hard work and love!\n


    They are fantastic!


    I wish they were closer.

  • 3. They are the best

    by: tdudis

    They have saved over 2400 animals in about 3 years!!


    They work harder than anyone I know



  • 4. P.W.P.

    by: CodeHunt08

    If i was looking for a pet i would have to see these people, they are always there to help you decide on what is best for the pet your looking for. They also come to see if your place is the right place for a pet to come too.


    They are all very helpful, and deserve award for doing what they do to save these animals from being put down


    They have none