Petropolis Pet Center

16830 Chesterfield Airport Rd.
Chesterfield, MO 63005

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great Vets & Staff!

    by: TMcBee

    We have used Petropolis for the last few years for special surgery's on my fosters. They have replaced hips on more then one of my foster dogs, a ACL surgery (Copper) on my personal dog, and cleared up a crystal problem in a foster failure (MD)! My dogs like going there, well as much as a dog likes the vets in general - and I feel completely at ease with the way their vet techs have handled my dogs at all times! A recent visit was a dental and nail trim of my biggest baby - Oreo - they again did a wonderful job from start to finish - he actually seemed at ease going in - huge strides for the big baby!!!!!!!


    Great staff - handles all breeds with the same care!


    Wish they had an office closer to the columbia area

  • 2. Great for your social dog

    by: bludog

    This is a great boarding facility for dogs that get along great in large packs of dogs. They have very cute and fun parties for the dogs and the staff really cares about the animals in their care. Their cat condos are very cool, with windows to the outside and a fish tank to keep the cats occupied. For the dog aggressive dogs they have one on one play times which is nice for those that dont get along. Their villa suites are great for dogs with medical conditions or those that dont do well in a kennel setting as they are more homelike.


    All day day care for boarding animals


    Can have very large groups of dogs in day care

  • 3. Great Place

    by: plunket1

    My wife received her dog trainer training here. They did a wonderful job she is a very good trainer.


    Very Knowledgable




    by: Bwap

    When you walk into Petropolis you know you are walking into a great Place for your Pet. They have made it all inclusive for dogs which means your pooch like my Austin gets a baked treat in the morning from their bakery. They then get to play outside all day. And before bed they get a scoop of doggie ice cream. This is the first ice cream Pawlor I have ever seen!!! Austin love Bacon and Cheddar Ice Cream. Austin never wants to come home and when he does I can tell he had a great time because he is so tired! When I go out of town Austin wants to go to this Resort and Play with his buddies in camp. I would suggest you take a visit to Petropolis if nothing else to see how a pet hotel should look and smell. Also say hello to Charlie the Tortoise that got loose around labor day last year.


    all inclusive, dog bakery, ice cream pawlor,dogs play all day, very perfesional staff, Disney world for pets!!


    The only Con I have is when passing Petropolis in my car with my pet he whines because he wants to go to Petropolis they must be doing something right!