Pet project inc

2190 route 23
Grand ridge, IL 61325

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  • 1. Help us get a new shelter!

    by: glenhiller

    Pet project has been a part of my life since i met Lori a volunteer at the shelter. Her and her mother volunteer every Thursday and could always use more help. They put in 8 to 10 hours of grueling hands and knees scrubbing and walking of the dogs every weeks rain or shine sleet or snow. And all the cats litter and bedding is changed. That is just the one day not including the other 6 when others come to help. The volunteers don't last long normally because of the amount of work it takes to clean cages and walk dogs with the out dated facility. The miracles i have seen in the walls of pet project are unbelievable. Dogs that are deaf and blind with a brother as a seeing eye dog to boot got adopted. This is truly a no kill shelter where pets get a second third and forth chance at a home. It has seen pets come back 4 times and still finally find a home. There are some that will possibly be lifers without a home, but still get the love and affection they deserve. It would be great to see a shelter with ample space a fenced facility and several play areas with indoor out door runs for the dogs to have a great chance at being adopted. The adoption rate would increase because the facility would be more guest friendly and not so overbearing on it's potential pet owners. The cat room is amazing in itself for the feline lover in you. I have 3 cats and 2 dog's and she has 3 dog's we are great examples of what a heart of gold can give back to the community. safe haven and a lick on the face is reward enough for me. Please donate your time wherever you may live give some cash toys, or food supplies. Preach the word of spaying and neutering to all animal owners. Vote for breeder laws in your county and community. Be active at any level with your animal surroundings. I do repair and maintenance when possible. Wives get your children and husbands involved. Your neighbors and friends. Make it a community center not a life sentence for a pet. A shelter should glow with cute faces and people eager to do their part. Help us win a new shelter for all of Lasalle County to enjoy and the surrounding areas. NO-KILL shelters are few and far between. Help preserve this one and give it a new look. [email protected] we will be happy to take what we can from the surrounding communities. Thanks for reading my review.


    Dealing with all volunteers who are there for thier passion of animals.


    The shelter is in dire need of being re-built somewhere new.