Pet Ponderosa Resorts & Spas

9211 204th Street East
Graham, WA 98338

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  • 1. Do not take you pets here if you don't like being ripped off and verbally abused!!!!

    by: lkocen

    I took my 3 dogs there on Friday believing it would be $25 per dog for the night while my husband and I had a short 1 night trip. They informed me that they closed at noon on Saturday so I would have to be back by then or pick them up on Monday and pay for 2 more nights.....OR I could pay a "special pick-up" fee of $40. I agreed to the fee and told them I would be there around 5pm. By the time they added on all the "extra" fees to let your dog out of the cage to exercise and feed your own food the total was $140 ridiculous! But gets better! Seeing as how I had paid the special pick-up fee why should I rush home, I called Saturday morning to tell them I would be a little later, the person that answered the phone said that would be alright just call when almost there. Well I called at 5:30 to say I was 30 min out. The owner answered and became verbally abusive with me saying that I had ruined his dinner plans and it was his anniversary, repeated how I had ruined his evening and couldn't get my dogs that evening. I felt somewhat threatened so I handed the phone to my husband. They got into a heated argument and finally the owner said we could get our dogs at midnight and repeated several times that we better bring our credit card! So after a long day driving back from the beach we were forced to stay up till midnight if we wanted our dogs. At this point I was worried for their safety so we did pick them up at midnight and paid another $40 "special pick-up" fee. So, for one night, 3 dogs in a cage, exercise in a pen by themselves and feeding them their own food we paid a grand total of $180 AND had to pick them up at midnight!!!! I work in service and would NEVER treat someone like this! I don't know how he stays in business! He must make enough off of unwary newcomers that he doesn't need repeat customers!


    treat dogs well


    Rude, arrogant, abusive owner. Rip Off